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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



I can later today, my Carvon V4 TD’s are out for delivery (bouncing around like a little kid :slight_smile:)


Great thanks.


Hey there. The v4 Torquedrives are 5 pounds. Sorry for the late reaponse, didn’t see this.


@joeadams101 are you affiliated with Carvon in any way, or just a really knowledgeable dude?


I am affiliated with Carvon.


Awesome, nice to have you here! Jerry is well missed :slightly_smiling_face:


@joeadams101 do you know if Jerry will be doing another production run of the Speed Drives and complete boards since they’re so popular and many people want them that weren’t able to get in on the group buy.


He will but it will likely not be any time soon, he’s focusing on his full production boards and exo and even when they start selling them it still will take time to get it


He is for sure! He is more focused on building awesome products and making sure everything is top notch. Ive talen the part to be the face of Carvon


I want this!


you guys should do a giveaway :wink:

i’m personal friends with 2 of your team riders btw

the early evo prototype was actually tested in my school parking lot :rofl:


Hey @uigiroux as of right now he does not plan to do another speed drive group sale. He is inlclining more towards his new complete board the Exo, you can still order a complete Evo but it will take time to be assembled and shipped. The v4 Torquedrives are in stock and ready to ship and so is the Exo. We want to focus more on completes and getting the board to its owner between a week of their order.


You’re taking order’s for the Evo now though? Can you tell me what kind of VESC is being used with the completes? I might just end up getting one of those…


No EVO and SpeedDrive new orders, just EXO and TorqueDrive . We want to ship pending orders first before accepting new orders for those.


@joeadams101 hey joe, you know when the groupbuy SD will be sent?


On Feb 2, they said

regarding the axles


Pfeeeeeew… this night was a rough night. I almost cannot feel the right half of my body.
I have my arm covered in bruises my hips as well. Thanks god I had my helmet.

I was going on a straight line full throttle, a 55 km/h the board suddenly brakes. Then i slide for 15 meters on the road :rofl: I will recover quickly but i’m kinda afraid of my carvon now… if i can’t be confident full speed. I know how to foot break and anticipate the lack of brakes but can’t anticipate that…

Anyone had the same issue ?


Great news then !? Was curious what you thought about the Torque drives?


huh? what happened. Is the motor to blame? what is your set up? What failed?


I clearly wanna blame the motors since it’s the same set up i always used with these i ve checked my recording of the ride and no errors on the vesc
Remote is a Gt2B so no worries on the reliability of this one.

I only remember i was full throttle and suddenly it was breaking for not even a second but enough to make me loose balance and fall. I can’t know for sure if it’s motor fault but i don’t see why it would happend otherwise.