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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



Truncated Tesseract to start for me, then see where it takes me lol


I’m gonna plead stupid here…So the Carvon TD will only use MBS or Clones, as I understand it. Isn’t the Clone core almost exactly like the FLywheel core? I’m confused :slight_smile:


Carvon V4 TD as currently configured only has wheel adapter for thick spoke clones, not thin spoke ABEC compatible clones. There are two kinds of clones, thick spoke version is identical to MBS core which is not identical to ABEC core.

This is only until you get the V4 abec adapter (TBD timing, cut easy to install) to replace the one the TD comes with.


Ahhh, ok, thanks for the clarification. Ill be ordering some 90/97mm clones I guess :slight_smile:


Do you know if the core in the Bigfoot wheels is the same as the clones?



So you were able to fit the 107mm Flywheels to the Carvon v4 TD no problem?


@Hariboisawesome what is that connector? did it come with an adapter?


Would the carbon td be more powerful than hummies? I’m between the two


Yes they are my friend has them on his evolve.


I opted for the Orange MBS Unstopables, they will most likely be temporary until I can get a ABEC Flywheel adaptor or a Kegel core adaptor (if that becomes available).


…and just got my shipment notification. I’m pumped :slight_smile:


Yes man they fit on with no problem


Edit: you probably meant wheel adapter and yea it was pre installed on there

It’s a 9 pin connector . I spoke to Jerry and he said that just solder the phase wires with bullet connectors like I normally would.
Side note: My advice/ opinion is to be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve been into eskate just over a year :joy::joy::joy:


No I meant the 9 pin. It just looked odd since we are used to three phase wires and one JST for sensor. That looks like a single plug


That looks like what boosted and most e-bikes use.


yes that is a Higo conector, mainly from ebike world. Nice connector but leaves you with some work to do when they arrive…see reference above in thread .ol


Was there anyone here who would be willing to sell an extra SD, R or XL (preferably R)? I didn’t have the funds to order one before they were taken off the site, but I can get a pair now and am ready to buy! Please PM me if you can accommodate. Thank you!


Same, I’m looking fir a V4 Speed drive or R. Just PM me anyone!


Can anyone tell me how much the torque drive weighs without wheels?