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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



@Exiledd_Top yes that’s true I agree, but I just feel that if you are going to spend that kind of money, and for only $100 more you get such a more powerful fast motor, it’s worth it to wait the extra 2 weeks time.


This needs more discussion/clarification. I’ve read in other threads that enabling reverse increased braking power. With belt drive it’s not as big a deal, but going fast with v2.5’s I really needed brakes to match the top speed and power.


I’m gonna make some distasteful jokes now. Made the shafts harder, which make them bigger, and now they don’t fit the holes.

I hope the nuts are okay.


Mine have been shipped brother


I haven’t gotten a notification yet, but I’m not worried.


Same here. I’m in the middle of a getting the rest of the Board together. Still pretty excited about it though :crazy_face:


Just a heads up there is a touch of work as the V4 TD comes with Higo connectors and bare wires need to solder or otherwise connect to sensor wire connector to vesc.


And solder male bullets of course.


That’s cool, I can def do that. I’m still trying to decide which deck I wanna use. I have a brand new Arbor Highground and Vugenhausen plus a couple on the way :grinning:


I’m going to put the XLs on a DB longboards Crossbow… Starting a plug for that enclosure this weekend!


Any of y’all ever ridden a freebord as a traditional skateboard? I have one that I strengthened with a layer or two of fiberglass. I considered this for my Torque drive


I actually have a free board deck in my office, it’s been there for over a year. I had intended to build it as a dual motor board but it was just too flexy. A layer of fiberglass will go a long way towards making it stable. Good idea.


It still has some give to it even with the fibers but it is kinda convenient for shitty West ky roads lol


From my understanding from your other posts, you don’t have the funds to build an expensive build? These are worth the money just because there’s literally nothing like it. You mostly either get hubs or belts. With CarvOns there are no pulleys, belts mounts so you save in time and money in that sense. If your funds are low. I would suggest you just build a single 6374 belt drive as that was still awesome. Then eventually make it diagonal 6374. Until someone else makes these direct drives. $500-$600 is what we have to pay.


@BigBoyToys’ broads used reverse for braking. That did stop pretty quick on his 4wd V3s. Personally I don’t like reverse just because I like to hold my position with the brakes at lights.


@Mikenopolis regardless of if I had the funds before or not, is besides the point. I was comparing them to the other 2 models and making the point that if your going to spend that much you should just wait and get one of the other more powerful models. I don’t see how you making a comment on if I could afford them before has any relevance here. I now can buy a couple sets if I want, so does that mean my comment has any more value now? It’s pretty rude to basically say if you can’t afford it you can’t possibly know about it or have an opinion on the matter.


I hope you weren’t taking my comment as an insult. Definitely not going that route. It was in no way a rude comment. If you think it is then you might just be a special snow flake…that’s an insult.

What I was saying is that when you have a lower budget you look at prices differently than when you have say a $2,500 budget.

If you are going for raw power then belt drive is preferred. But if you add in the cost of a good set of trucks and mounts plus motors you can get pretty high up in cost. So your opinion that CarvOns are not worth $500 is like you said your own personal opinion. I’m not here to argue on a personal level. You see value in power whereas I see value in the innovation and monopoly Jerry has at the moment.


Also, I didn’t say they weren’t any good. Personally I think they’re the best option for motors hands down. Just because I think there very highly priced doesn’t mean I think they are not worth getting either. Having said that, if I’m going to spend that kind of money, I would wait the 2 weeks for the other models still. That’s not me saying anything bad about them, it’s just an opinion. I know I’m certainly not the only person who thinks so. I’m still going to get some though…


Your still not getting it… I think they’re great, the best! However if I’m going to get a set, I’ll spend the extra $100 - $200 for the other ones. That’s all. I think you get a better value for your money worth the other ones. That’s all…
And no I didn’t take that as an insult, I thought it was rude. Regardless, I’m not going to comment anymore on the matter.


That’s what was said, anyway.