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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



I haven’t got anything yet


Delivery Timeline

Posted by CARVON LLC (Creator)

Hey guys, we have held off on doing updates until we’re pretty confident about the delivery schedule. After further testings and many discussions with suppliers, machine shops, staffers, Damon of, etc., we now have this timeline:
• All V4 SpeedDrives only pledges will be shipped
• All V4 TorqueDrives pledges will be shipped
• EVO 2WD US backers will start shipping
• EMax 2WD US and International backers will start shipping
• EVO 2WD International backers will start shipping
• EVO 4WD US backers will start shipping
• EVO 4WD International backers will start shipping
• Remaining pledges will be fulfilled
We will post more updates regarding warranty, terms of use, best-ride practices, safety, etc. For now, we are doing our best to wrap up final pre-production phase so that we can confidently build quality products quickly and at fairly high-volume. Again, thanks for all the support and patience. We’re truly grateful to all of you.


I wondered what happened to the EXOs or maybe it’s just Kickstarter vs Indigogo updates.


He’s definitely still moving forward with the Exo. He stopped by my house a couple days ago on some other business and was telling me how excited he is to build and ship them.


glad to hear since I gave up one of the V4 orders for an EXO instead.


No XL’s for you?


No. I decided to stick with belts and gearing for torque. 4wd will be with my v3 and one V4 if it comes to that


Should have let me know I could have gotten you one sooner and better


@willpark16 I have 5 boards. No hurry hahaha. Combining drives just to decrease boards at this point


Hey Jerry, an update on the EXO would be nice please


Jerry is not in this forum anymore, ping him on his Instagram feed.


Also he sent one out recently saying they upped the size of the motor


Hey dude what does all this ‘pledges’ terminology refer to. Jerry said regular ship in mid January and that XL will ship end of January. He also said he has plenty of regular drives left so you can even order around then and will ship same time.

I just figured I will wait to order when i get my bonus in Jan :slight_smile:


Probably Kickstarter backers get the drives before those who ordered after the campaign ended.


well… i just went ahead and pulled trigger… y’all want my 97mm blanks… giving em away for free… you pay shipping :wink:


I’ll take them!

What’s shipping to 92618?


idk 4-5$ with tracking for first class. i have two sets from the carvon regular and from the carvon xl when they come.

EDIT: dont pay me now… only when they come :slight_smile: @Mikenopolis you are getting a set… i need one more taker

Sofa king happy you chumps sold the shit outta me
on these… lol… they better peform like Viagra


ahhh You are selling the ones that will come with those orders…cool. I’ll pay when you have them. THANKS!


yeppers they like $30 on ebay still a deal… idc its my gift back :blush: You know what fugg it… i pay shipping too. I didn’t do secret santa :santa: but its my way


I’d like a set! Building a board for a buddy as well, and don’t have wheels yet! LMK shipping to 35203… It’s like 2.5 hours away from ATL!