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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



sold or err free enjoy dude :slight_smile:


What adapter do the drives come with? or does it at all?


damn was too slow haha.


If you guys want the latest updates on the Exo and Exo Pro please checkout Exo’s Indiegogo Updates page here:


Would it be possible to use 107mm flywheels on the v3 carvon at 12s? I understand there will be a loss of torque, however it should be able to push those big wheels right? Oh yeah I weigh about 175-180


Yes you can run 12s on v3’s/v4’s there low kv as well can run FOC without a problem if you have good quality vesc , also you can run 107’s v3’s only take genuine ABEc wheels, just remember as you said there will be a noticeable loss of torque and speed increase


Still on track for end of January on speed drives??
@Michaelinvegas @joeadams101


Hey Patrick @PXSS , yes the speed drives for the R version are still on track for the end of this month. Unfortunately The XL motors came without sensors so the factory is sending the correct ones asap. As of right now XL are on hold until we get the correct ones.


Thanks for the info!
I got an XL unfortunately! Will keep waiting patiently :slight_smile:


Me too, oh well, still waiting on the FOCBOXs anywho.


I just got my FOCBOX’s in the mail today. I jumped for joy. Now I just have to wait for the V4 XL like the rest of us.


Has anyone received their Carvon Regular or XL drives yet?

I believe i got an email about a month back saying regular would ship about mid January.

Difficult time translating the instagram comments to an actual date.


Was there anyone here who would be willing to sell a SD, or XL? I didn’t have the funds to order one before they were taken off the site, as I mentioned before. Ready to buy one now though!


I’ve never even recieved a reply or anything. Not even a confirmation after recieving payment.
@Michaelinvegas @joeadams101


Well I sent emails about status updates and mostly I got replies they took a while. But the last two emails – one about 2 weeks back and one yesterday to confirm end of January shipping for the V4 regular drive… haven’t gotten replies.

Scratching my head.

@Michaelinvegas @joeadams101 any updates? anybody?


I’m wondering the same thing. All I have to go off of is this from a couple weeks ago.


I just texted Jerry. He said he’s shipped out a few. But he’s just assembling and shipping as each are done. Theses things are not really fully mass produced. He will post an update today on the site.


are carvon and enertion run by the same dude? :thinking:

i know they’re not, don’t roast me. its just a joke


Wouldn’t it be funny to find out that @onloop, @psychotiller, @longhairedboy and @chaka are all multiple personalities of @Mikenopolis and this is just his psychotic method of fighting the Chinese labor cost issue? LOL


No maybe same business educator hahah. Small shops man. Always long wait time