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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



Have you solved your issues?


Yup ! Now I have battery switch issues :stuck_out_tongue:


Are u back in FOC?

Also after reading that your motors got too hot to touch I realized you must not be using the temperture control feature of the VESC tool. I highly recommemd using it as overheating your motors isn’t very hard to do if you ride hard and fast.


Yeah I’m in FOC. I think I have bc i can readthe temps in my telemetry app.
How to activatie it then


If you are using 3.1 fw or The Vesc tool its already enabled.


@psychotiller got any pics of the sixshooter with carvon adapter? Is it possible to swap between that and belt pulley?


I would like to know this too, as I have a setup that I’d like to use belt drive for now until the v4xls come


I don’t have a picture. Jerry might though. You can switch between 2 setups


Same hub, just switch adapter plate?


Take the adapter plate off, add a pulley and a belt.


Ok I guess I’m getting a set as soon as I get rid of some stuff…

Anybody want my spare set of F1 SuperFly? :grin:


I’ll give you a $140 credit on your Sixshooters and free shipping in trade of those wheels. Are they new?


Ridden around the block, 0 road wear, I’ll take some pics when I get to the shop


10 char


No i’m still on the old firmware, i’ll have to change someday maybe…
one thing sure is that I can read the temps on my phone


Sounds good, let’s do it.


Oops wrong thread

#1114 and Instagram messenging is my usual route. Haven’t spoken to him since a few days after SPD2. He said he will be busy with EVO and EXO and V4 production with manufacturers, factories and whatnot.


What did you pay for? Maybe someone here might want to pay and take delivery once its delivered?


Anyone else getting his tracking number? Just got a PayPal Shipping Notification for my V4SD’s. :stuck_out_tongue: