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This is my planned fuse unless someone shuts it down

Homies help homies always

Edit: use a fuse rated for 58v!


sounds like a dumb question, but how should I Solder this? :thinking:

Only across the Red wire (ala loopkeys?)

Im sure I can find a decent wiring diagram somewhere :joy:



It just goes in line on the positive wire between battery and vesc. Negative wire needs no altering.

Also it uses 8 or 10 awg wire. I’m just going to make an xt60 connector with this on the positive and call it a day.



I use these small fuses, they are perfect for esk8


I wouldn’t use that amp fuse they generally are max rated to 32v mostly used in 12v applications… I am still looking at a good fuse housing but this is what I am looking at:


Just google fused XT90 loop key :+1:
If u wire an in-line XT90 then it’s easily removable and u can easily make spares.



Look at the BF1 58V fuse series

Same size as the 32V ones… but rated 58V

Bf1 midi 58V fuse familly

Midi fuse holder


WindyNation ANL Fuse Holder + ANL Fuse (2pcs 100A Fuse)

This one gives 3 amp ratings per fuse. What’s this about?


That fuse is about as long as the Unity is wide


Very good point. I’ll look into the midi connectors. Thanks for the tip!


Next day delivery too. Love rs


I wonder if a small midi strip fuse like that would line up nicely with the Xt90s terminals. I shall try it FOR SCIENCE!

Nevermind I found the data sheet. 50 mm hole to hole on the strip, much wider than the Xt90s terminals


I thought it was next day dispatch? Whenever I’ve ordered from RS I’ve had to wait over a week for it to arrive


If its in stock in aus its the next day if not then 5 days


I really wish they had physical locations, so much cool stuff


Think they have a sydney trade counter and soon they will be all over. In the uk they are all over the place


Mate I broke a belt at lunch time got home and ordered a new set and had them in my hands by 11am the next day. $15 bucks a pop is pricey but they are without a doubt the best belts I have used so far and I would have paid double for the convenience of that delivery.


Another source for the fuses talked about above. Found them when I was looking for fuses for my DieBieMS.