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It says 58V, would this be ok for 12s?

I’ll be going with 10s for starters but when I trick out my board I’ll want 12s… :stuck_out_tongue:


@Deodand, I know youre probably swamped, but is it possible to get an ETA on this?


Yeah, it runs 12s great.


Like @dougpage said it will for upto 12s


So… my unity doesn’t work anymore. I was driving my board until suddenly stopped and now it seems to be completely dead. When I press the power button nothing happens. It does smell a bit burned. Can it somehow shorted it??


unshroud it and snap some pictures, we cant help you only off text :slight_smile:


Here is the front and back of my unity. Hope this can help.


You ride with 10s or 12s??


Please confirm if you emailed to support or contacted Enertion?


My batterypack is 10s


Hey! I haven’t contacted enertion yet. I will do that right now :slight_smile:


Definitely looks like one of the mosfets look blown on the left side the wire closest to the center. And the chip on r108 but the drv looks ok


Yeah thought so too. Fixable or is it done for?


The mosfet would be fixable but contact enertion they would have a better idea


Guys,do i need fuse with focbox unity or not ?can you recommend me a fuse to pair with my 12s4p pack and unity :))


Fuse is always good


I’m a novice at this, but I do have a fuse on the positive wire coming from my battery to the unity. It’s a 32v fuse. Here’s my thinking on selecting the right fuse…

With my 10s3p pack (Samsung 30Qs) I figured my max discharge current will be 60 amps (20 amps per cell in parallel). I selected a 32v 60 amp fuse. Yes… that voltage is below my pack voltage (36-42v)… but it’s not terribly underrated.

Then I set my unity battery max to 60 amps. I figure in regular riding conditions the unity should be managing its draw from the battery so the likelihood of ever blowing the fuse while riding should be very low. I also have an 80 amp and 100 amp fuse, but can’t really see the point in putting one of those in if the circuit should never exceed 60 amps in any situation other than fault or failure.

For 12s4p (assuming 30Qs) I would be looking for a 80 amp fuse which is rated for at least 50v - provided you set your unity’s battery max to 80 amps.

Edit- I use a 60 amp midi fuse like this:

But you should probably use an 80 amp ANL fuse like this:


Thanks mate!! thats very helpful i just ordered 80a fuse same in the picture so i only need to soldered it in positive wire between 12s pack and unity


This is what I am running with my 12s pack ordered from


Why put a fuse ?? The unity can take care of it no??