Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD




Next, machine an aluminium case to replace the silicone one and I know there’s at least one court case that will stop in it’s tracks :wink:



Do you need an additional heat sink for them?? I thought they didn’t get that hot? I haven’t powered mine up yet to test… hopefully a bit later today will get some current through it heh


Always better to dispel heat where and when you can


Yeah, but that’s going to get expensive. There’s also a BT module inside – a metal casing is going to be troublesome. Most of the heat comes out of the bottom according to @Deodand, so just heat sinking the bottom should suffice.


o3o you bet

Ill pm you


Oh ignore me haha. It was just a joke


Mike, there’s 4 blind m3 mounting holes on the bottom of the Unity. Why not just mount it on a bigger aluminum plate?


that’s exactly what i’m doing :slight_smile:

i’m adding a flange so that it can be surface mounted with the bottom exposed to air. the unity will sit on top of it


Nah, it runs fine. 40 amp battery max doesn’t seem to do much. Never bad to lose all you can though for those sustained rides.

Edit: In the raptor it is attached to a plate. So haven’t tested without.

This was in 5 sprints to about top speed. At 3 Celsius outside though.


Can anyone confirm for me the hall sensor jst’s are they 2mm? Trying to source some to change over the ones on my tb motor which are too small sadly :frowning: can I run them unsensored in the mean time?


Yes you can run unsensored, might want to give a hip thrust or a kick push to get started from a dead start




Wish I had known I needed them as it’s $60 shipping to Australia for 2 cables I would of ordered with the original order haha


eBay or AliExpress will have them


Amazon has them too


Thanks mate I had a look they won’t ship to Australia… I ended up ordering from rs online and will make my own adapters was a heap cheaper got everything needed to make several sets for about $20aud heaps cheaper than paying usd and it’s next day delivery which is awesome…


Nah no need for that loopkey then, thanks for clarifying. How about extra fusing between battery and unity? 10s5p 30q if that answers your next question.


Yeah, a fuse is always good safety. Maybe 80-100 amp fuse.


if you find a fuse that fits and works well, maybe drop a link here please?

I know nothing about fuses, so I would be pretty lost trying to find one :rofl: