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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



your picture is not the same as totalgeek9224 send


Yes the text colors are representing how it should be :slight_smile:


Trust his image, not mine, he is the creator after all


anyway, dont want to bother… the remote looks sick ! :slight_smile:


No please don’t look on colours!!! Some plugs are with different colours lined up! The colours are sometimes random from different manufactures


Allright got it.
Just the colours dont add up
Easy fix no worries thanks guys.
Just wanna try the remote even if the reciver dont fit in the enclosure


U still didn’t get the new receiver?


What do you mean never trust colours?

The wires have colours which I hope you should be able to trust to what they are.

This is for sure correct.

orange rx
yellow tx
white ppm
red 5v
black ground

Now if someone could send the correct diagram then you’re golden.



I did not know this! I’ll remove my image and ive added yours into the manual


No. because the colours are not always the same. There is no norm for this. Please connect the wires like the picture.

In future I ll take more care about this and try to match colours red 5v black ground ect.


hell yeah sh works




looks so sexy :heart_eyes:


Like the vibration when board is armed too!!
Pleasure mode hahahaha


Great work @StefanMe!! I hope this remote takes off


Can u please add the new picture for the RemoteAdvanced receiver to the manual? the Basic receiver is correct.

Oh man @totalgeek9224 u are damned fast :slight_smile: thanks a lot!


Okay so the colours aren’t always the same but I sure hope you know which colour is which wire for this receiver. That surely matters to know what goes where.


I understand colors aren’t always universal between manufactures and people but I was pretty sure the general consensus was that gnd was generally black and the positive/live wire was generally red?


Why? I don’t understand the problem… in the maual is no colours… u have the pinout instead of colours. No one said red is 5v or something. just follow the pinout


I didn’t get the wires before I lined up the plug on the PCB. I ll take care about this in the future. My fault, that I didn’t give attention to this! Sorry guys!