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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Thats why i am so confused
Red and black are +&- mostly. And it shows the basic version in the layout not the advanced
And the pwm is that the white wire from the ppm signal wires i need to use and the other 4 are the uart port as shown here ?



So the orange wire is pwm that connects to the white wire from the ppm port where my old nano is connected is this correct?
And the other 4 to the uart


check the image I uploaded some days ago, I have the same receiver hooked up to a dual FB aswell


In this topic?
Could u upload the photo again if possible



He’s Talking about this one
But @bevilacqua is this working for you? Because it contradicts the photo Stefan gave me
(this one)


it is indeed…


thats maybe the small receiver


Ok now i am really confused


well, you are using the big one, am I right? then just copy my setup . That should do the trick :slight_smile:


But wait wait.
Lets think.
The white yes should be ppm red and black speaks for its self and yellow orange should be rx tx. That make sense?


Hm, well im confused but if it works it works.
@StefanMe i know its Christmas bud, but if you could clarify it would be great!

Either way, @tricky-fpv, it looks like you have your 5v and ground switched in the photo you uploaded,

where the 5v wire is supposed to be on the outside


Yes that looks correct


no 5V should be red as we concluded (somehow) that the Featherbasic and FeatherAdvanced dont share the same pin layout based on orientation

You’re personal friends with Stefan, right? Do you think you could consult him and then let us know?


Yes sorry the red and black are wrong i think?


now im getting confused aswell. I dont have access to my board right now, dont worry he’ll respond in some min.



In this picture the text colours don’t match the wire colours.


The connection is exactly the same… just the orientation is wrong (180 degrees turned…)

U can use the same Cable for the small and the big receiver… lineup in the plug is the same. But the plug has an orientation. normal on small receiver, 180 degrees on big receiver.

Never trust colours :slight_smile: