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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



When u have OCD the wires MUST match up hahahahaha


I’m was just trying to help. I don’t have this awesome remote.

So yeah you are of course absolutely right that the colours don’t matter, but that’s only true if these things come without any wires attached to them already right?


Just open wires to connect it by your own. Maybe next time its easier to do this also for the people. Then there is no confusion


Haha, no worries. The idea is to at least find which side of the wire is which if they at least know what gnd is and hopefully can avoid this whole process of figuring what’s what. :laughing:


My bad. It makes way more sense to what you were saying but still they have a certain colour order on the plug.

Which is:

This usually translates to:

orange rx
yellow tx
white ppm
red 5v
black ground

Can I get a confirmed on that?


But yeah makes sense. But easy job to change the wires around


Ahhh all this remote talk , I’m still waiting for mine :rofl::rofl:, my Metr shipped way after and it arrived today :cry: Very excited for this remote


Strange because u also got the priority shipping… maybe because the METR is send by envelope?


Ok i have been problems changing any settings.
Whenever the remote is paired i try to change settings so i go into the settings amd the remote vibrates and unpairs and i need to repair it to the board. Cant seem to get it working correctly
Still waiting for the reciver basic one so hoping it will come tomorrow fingers crossed.
No matter what setting i try to change it say communication failed and nothing changes apart from its not paired anymore and i need to re do that process over amd over again.
Bit confused
Any ideas?
Remote is just badass i love it feels solid and great!
Hoping the basic version will be here tomorrow;-)


So remote is paired? U get a message “estop armed?”

Then u go into settings and try to change … for example “cruise control” to “killswitch”? Have u tried to change it a second time? Sometimes the timing from the receiver is not perfect… then u have to try it a second time.


I tryed it many many times… every single time i go into settings it vibrstes as in connection lodt. Then i cant change settings if connection id lost


The vibration is normal when u join the settings menu. But then u should be able to change every setting. A short press on the MENU button(close to the display) will exit and u to the normal main screen. After a few seconds the estop will be armed again.


Hey hey brotha, quick couple of questions for you…

I am super new to doing electronic stuff myself, soldering, etc, so please pardon my noob question when it comes to setting the remote up. Got it today though and couldn’t be more stoked! Super nice looking and great feeling so can’t wait to be using it.

I just started going through the guide you made and was just curious… am I able to plug the receiver (I got the basic) right into my focbox and then pair it and I’m good to go?

Or what all do I need to do in order to hook this up to my VESC?

What are the extra couple parts you included for just to be certain?

Let me know when you can, hoping to get this set up and go for a ride in the next 30 mins or so if possible.

THanks again so much for your hard work Stefan!


I think i may be able to answer some of these questions for you!

  1. The only settings that (may) need to be changed for complete functionality on the VESC side are the following 3 things:
    Ensure that the Baud Rate for UART connection is 115200
    Set the Control mode to PPM
    Furthermore, when connecting to the focbox, know that you’re not connecting the ppm cable that comes from the focbox directly into the receiver, but rather using the cable (that I believe is included, this is explained a bit further up and in the instructions in regards to how it’s wired)
  2. The extra parts that you speak of, I know of only the extra spring, which is used to increase/decrease the “tension” of the thumbwheel to your taste.

Hope that helps!


Ok cool, thanks so much, I’ll try and do these things right now and let you know how it goes. Am I not able to use watt made anymore then either so I am on the same page…?


Sorry? Im not sure i understand :stuck_out_tongue:


watt mode.
only on ackmaniacs bldc tool…


I guess he mean “watt mode”. Watt should be also ok… u can give it a try… but be carefull. I never tested it with watt mode. Important
Is, that u use a mode with break and no reverse!

There is a spring to change the tensions if Au don’t like the build in one as @totalgeek9224 mentioned correctly … a cable to connect to the vesc and very tiny LC-Filter if u have problems with the power supply to the receiver… it helps u if u have freezes or something on the receiver.


Ok, got those couple things and just read through the guide you did. I didn’t see anything about how the cruise control works, am I missing something or is it as simple as click the trigger switch when I want it to lock in at a certain speed.

And again pardon my electronic stupidity (taking my enclosure off now to hook it all up) but it the receiver plug and play or do I need to solder some wires?


Just got the remote, and wow this thing is so quality! Package was opened when it got here though, by customs no doubt, but everything seems to be present and accounted for.

(ignore the tear in the display, the refresh rate doesn’t play well with my camera…)

I’m just curious though, why are the fets sticking up on one side like that?Is it just space constraints?

Also @StefanMe is it possible to get more advanced receivers if I wanted them :smiley: