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FatBoy ABEC & Kegel Wheel Pulleys 36T 40T 44T



Bearing shouldn’t pop from the front as its held by the lip. You will need to change bearing to 10mm if you want to use it on Evolve hanger.

Requirements for this pulley is:

Max hanger size is 28mm
Min hanger axle length is 40mm


Yea I have 10 of those bearing from Evolve gear. I’m tired of plastic gear wearing off so quick it’s one of the reason I wanted to try aluminum now. Does it atleast last little bit longer than plastic or same effect?


It shouldn’t wear out as this doenst move inside the wheel, its really tight fit.


Both version now has 36T variant too.



Oh btw I forgot to mention that our pulleys also has alignement pins to make sure everything is centered


No holes to screw on? Would it be possible to add some threads into the rods?


What holes?


Here are the pictures with ABEC mount


Do these have a surface treatment or is it just raw aluminium?


Just raw aluminum, if needed can be anodized in black

EDIT: If there is need it can even be gold plated :smiley:


You’ve piqued my interest.


Maybe some Swarovski too? :dark_sunglasses:


Cost for black?




+10€ and around 1-2 weeks wait time for anodization.



This aluminum sprocket wheel pulleys were long time overdue (everywhere). Why they took so long to arrive to our market (not you Aurimas, but every other manufacturer) ??


Hehe, we had them in the queue since may, but gear drives are more important, now priority goes into first prototype of urethane gear drive and afterwards group buy for hanger and urethane gear drive :slight_smile:


Here are the evolve measurements can your verify fitment via this photo Thanx image


It should fit width wise, but you will need to change bearing and maybe add spacers as this axle is much longer than TB218


When I click on the provided link 404 page not found…?