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FatBoy ABEC & Kegel Wheel Pulleys 36T 40T 44T



Sorry if I missed it :point_up_2:t5:up there somewhere but Will these fit evolve trucks?


These come with 8mm bearing, if you grab skate bearings for 10mm and replace it would fit 10mm. I am not 100% about Evolve truck at general as I don’t have evolve anymore to test it out but axle should work if bearing replaced.


@Rod12579 let us know if you try it how it worked :smiley:


I would put one vote on this for the future. I thought this was the most common size people are using for 80-100mm size wheels?


That was the size that was already pseudo-available so it was lower priority. Plus bigger wheel pulley is never an issue because you can always use more teeth on the motor pulley, but not the other way around.


Do you have to chop the hangers to use them


If talking about shorter axles then yes you will need, this is mostly for TB218 and other long axle hangers like SurfRodz and etc.


40T is back in stock


I was talking like the standard caliber trucks


Kegel pulleys will be available pretty soon :wink:


Our Kegel Style pulleys up for sale :wink:


EDIT: By mistake forgot to add 44T variant.


Looks perfect, as usual clean AF ! Do they fit Sprint (or Mini) MTB hanger ?


Hmm… If they have longer axle than normal skateboard and is 8mm (or changed bearing) should work


I mean, here :

Sorry for the poor drawing, just to be sure ^^ it was what I was looking for.


It’s 29mm…


Just realized that I wanted to make sure, is the bearing on the gear is blocked or it moves in & out? Picture of example of evolve abec gear, I can’t see the picture of your gear on the that angle. The issue is when I try to tighten the nut on axel the bearing is being pushed out and the wheel being pushed in so the wheel then touches the motor pulley. You understand what I mean. Any idea


I already purchased one but was worried if it turns out like this in the picture Which I had complication fitting abec wheel with Chinese Diy gear kit. I’m trying to fit it on evolve bamboo gtx, just hopping this gear will fit on Gtx.



Please let me know the results when you receive your pulleys, I’m using evolve trucks on my diy & would like to know if these fit… thanx🤦🏾‍♂️