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FatBoy ABEC & Kegel Wheel Pulleys 36T 40T 44T



Hi guys, our CNC machined wheel pulleys are up for sale at the moment only 40T and 15mm for flywheels but soon will be available 44T and Kegel style also more to come.


44 Tooth version is available also

On Monday we are getting Kegel wheels, and making adapter for Kegels :slight_smile:


Those look like jewels. I feel an urge to amass a pile of them and hide them from others


44 Tooth


looks great!


Are suitable for 107’s?


Yes, they are suitable for ABEC 107mm



I really love your work! And now I want to complete a totally unnecessary upgrade to my already unnecessarily upgraded street board.

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It’s also unnecessary for me, but I’m buying them. :smile:


me too :slight_smile: so perfect


FINALLY! Someone listened to our needs! :smiley:


@Kug3lis how easy is to mount the wheels? Do they just slide in like Carvon hubs or they need to be pushed really hard like Metroboard pullies?


No it requires bit harder push in as there are no internal movement. @deckoz can explain it bit better than me as he has same stuff in his gear drive :slight_smile:


Any 36t 15mm for abec 11 107mm coming?


Metroboard pullies are this way already but they have a weird quirk where there are 2 total bearings, 1 in the wheel and 1 in the pulley. Which is not as good as 2 in the wheel and 1 or 2 in the pulley.


It would fit a standard TB 218 trucks? Or would you have to cut a bit of the hangar aluminum?



Yes, TB218 fits no problem.

@mackann we have to check if it fits


Kegel wheels arrived today, and mounting adapter will be made tomorrow :wink: