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FatBoy ABEC & Kegel Wheel Pulleys 36T 40T 44T



Disregard I got it… :call_me_hand:t5:


Sorry, my bad i changed the title and it changed the url.


I wanted 36T gear but I Never thought you will make one, well I lost patience then bought the lowest teeth which was 40T few days ago. The 36T seems like. Common for skateboard so why did you start with 40T? 44T is just too much… I don’t if you ridden electric skateboard but that 44T will decrease speed. Don’t need much torque because these motors are powerful can give enough torque even on 36T.


We started with 40T and 44T because people asked for them, and then I got request for 36T version too so on the same go made them too.

Also like I was saying to people before, you can always get bigger motor pulley, more tooths, less skipping…


I needed 36T gear since I already purchased 40T. 40T seems too much work around to work for me. And I got many new belt for 36T. And it should work out of box for me. So I will purchase 36T gear again but could you give me like discount just one time? Please


Any hope for a clean fit to Caliber II’s?


I wrote you a private message regarding pulleys :wink:

@walleywalker without sacrificing bearing, and running on half nut, not really the axle is too short. Better get that TB218 hanger or wait for ours FB230 coming out around September for precision stuff


Here is some more info about pulley compatibility:

Kegel compatible wheels:

  • 80mm Orangatang Kegel
  • 85mm Orangatang Caguma
  • 90mm and 100mm Boa Wheels

FlyWheels compatible wheels:

  • 83mm, 90mm, 97mm, and 107mm Original ABEC 11 Flywheels
  • 83mm, 90mm, and 97mm Clone Flywheels
  • 100mm MBS Wheels

Compatible Hangers

  • Torqueboards 218mm hanger
  • FatBoy 230mm and 240mm hanger
  • Surf-Rodz RKP hangers
  • Surf-Rodz with long axle hangers
  • Evolve Hanger (will require 10mm bearing replacement)
  • Other hangers with minimum 40mm axle length and maximum 28mm hanger thickness.



Got ya! I’m totally willing to cut the hanger back on an old pair of calibers for the axle length. I do wonder at that point though if there’s enough spacing for dual 6355 motor clearance.


I would need the Kegel pulley bolt on istead of push fit. I like those really and I am going to add threads to the stubs and machine a counter plate such that I can bolt them on. I don’t have a long enough axle to accomodate a third bearing. Ideally 5 of 10 stubs would be threads then people can decide whether bolt on or push fit …


There were already tons of bolt-on options on the market already


“Were” not are that’s the difference …






So did anybody try them with evolve trucks ?


Really wanna order some. They look great
But seeing my build isn’t done I have no idea what pully setup I’ll be ruining.
I have 36t and 40t but I have no idea what it’s like to ride any other board then my R1. Don’t feel like I can compare what I’m building to what I bought.
Hopefully they don’t sell out

*I hope they do sell out, but you make more


Nothing is really out of stock for too long with this store, no Chinese batch ordering means you guys can be reactive with stock holding @Kug3lis ?


Just got my tracking # will let you know when they arrive…:call_me_hand:t5:


Yeah, when we run out of stuck we mill missing items on next free time slot basically :wink: We machine everything in house so not much down time apart anodization service which does they work how ever they want sometimes 3 days sometimes 2 weeks…


Bravo, sir. I’ve been wanting an aluminum insert pulley.

Once i get my new trucks in i want to see if these will fit with my motors and mounts. Should be gucci.

Any hope for a 32 T? or would that small of a variant cause problems with the bolt patterns?