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eSkate Lights thread


I had that same thought when I first powered them up. They are probably overkill :stuck_out_tongue:
I find if I just aim them down more they’re not blinding and I can still see plenty in front of me.


Why did I sell what?


This is the light I use, https://www.jaycar.com.au/12w-led-rectangular-flood-light-ip68/p/SL3931
I got it on sale at jaycar for 25$, though I’ve seen similar lights on ebay and amazon for less. I use the
same battery I use for my aulakiria spot welder which is a bit overkill. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-battery-5000mah-3s-40c-lipo-pack-xt-90.html


Hi guys!

Im in the process of figuring out what lights I should put on my new board! :slight_smile:

I had my eyes on something minimalistic like this 10CM 12V LED COB.

Since I will be running my board at 12s, I chose this DC/DC 55V to 12V 3A Converter Step Down to take power from my main batteries to power the LED bar.

The effect of the led bar is said to be 2.7W and my step down converter will put put out 36W. Is this a problem or will the LED bar be able to handle the power?


The LEDs will only draw as much current as they need, so they will draw around 2.7W but the converter is capable of supplying 35w.

You are all good


Ok, good to know!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Well…I’m at it again…making lasers for tails lol


To add to what DavidBanner said, I have one of those converters on my board running two 10W LEDs (20W total draw) and it works great, no issues what-so-ever. And there are no additional batteries to charge which is super convenient.

Go for it!


And you connect this straight to your battery with an on/off switch?


You are correct. Input for the converter connects right to the main power lines.


Got my lights done where does the time go


hey @Deckoz I got the LDD-1000H led drivers you’re using

when powering multiple led, is it supposed to be connected parallel or serial?


Series :slight_smile: upto ~14 of them will run in series on the ldd100h :slight_smile:


You can run them in parallel but youd be splitting the amperage between each string…


Just finished my front lights:

Each is powered by one of these:

In the beginning I had both hooked up to one, 1.6 A for both is well within the specs, but it got quite hot and, meh, I got 10 of those so…

I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud of my mounting solution. Stupid simple but works like a charm. I had some large heat shrink laying around. I poked holes in it to put it over the truck mounting screws making a loop,
stuck the flashlight in,

I even kinda like the look of it.

These are on my helmet:


If anyone was interested in how I did my lights way up there ^^^


Here’s another iteration


Just yesterday i went through this whole thread and couldn’t find the cool lazer light show video.
Help please😄




These are super bright from Costco $20 right now for two. Can run the white up front and red in back. IPX rating and adjustable beam.


I mounted mine under my board and it gives off pretty rideable light.


Is there an easy way to turn them off?