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eSkate Lights thread




Here are how mine tuned out.


I have a few different light bars on a few different boards. I am not yet good with step down electricity and what not so I have kept it simple. Just plug my lights into the remote control’s receiver free channel ports (Example my VESC uses channel 2 then I have channels 1 and 3 free to run the lights) It’s really good for noobie’ish builders like me that are just in our first year (6 months). Just beware the receiver only receives about 5.1v from your VESC. I don’t know if that is configurable in the vesc-tool… haven’t looked around for it.

Look here – $7 on Amazon:

Then I just glue then into enclosure with a hot glue gun. Never failed me… been riding the board for about 2 weeks now to work thru snow and hell. Front lights are white and rear are red… all on the same circuit so just uses 1 channel on your radio…


this is awesome !!


This is genius how you integrate the LEDs in the enclosure, very nice!
I have the same LEDs and was afraid to connect them to the Vesc directly because everytime I read about LEDs I read about resistors depending on voltage. But it seems that these lights don’t need that much power so maybe they don’t need a resistor. Maybe someone knows…


this? they already have them


Well, not directly into the VESC…Into the receiver for your remote. That receiver is powered by the VESC’s PPM port for the remote. Maybe that’s what you meant :slight_smile:

Yeah i know this is some sloppy hot glue’ing… but i will fix it later when i am in the mood :slight_smile:


Haha, perfect @Grozniy, didn’t know that, thanks!. My red ones seem to have one, on the white ones I can’t find them but maybe I’m blind. For now I only need the red LED so I’m good.

I have dual vesc so my plan was to connect 1 or 2 red LEDs to the unused PPM port of the slave vesc, maybe with an additional on/off switch.


Oh directly to the PPM port… I have not tried that. Did you measure the volts? When I measured on the receiver connected to the PPM port… I got 5.1V

I tried my setup on a my Trampa Carver board as well. The light bar up front fires up fine. But the bar on the rear only has two lights… 5v not enough I guess :frowning: Was my own dumb fault really… the Amazon listing for that one said 6v minimum. So about 2 of the 5 lights light up.



Not yet but I have one red LED already running on 4.5V. I modified this light which has 24 white LEDs in the front which I use on my MTB for offroad, I hold it like that:

Funny thing is that i have an electronic on/off switch for a free channel on the receiver. Too bad that I only have 1 channel remotes :laughing:


How bright are these lights when riding at night ? Good enough ?


The one of my first deck $7 amazon or the one on my carver? I really get about 5-10’ range. They are very bright for drivers to see me.

These aren’t like my CREE 18W lights i have on another deck. Those are powered directly by a 3s battery and very long distance flood lights thay get 40+ feet


Pretty sure none of the voltage regulators on the VESC can supply enough amperage to power all the LEDs. Personally running mine off a 1S separate from my main battery but using a buck converter can drop the voltage down to something reasonable for the LEDs from your main battery

If you’re running 10S or higher you’d need ones that can support that voltage but anyhow that’s the gizmo for “efficiently” dropping the voltage. Alternative to the buck booster above there are “linear voltage regulator” ICs as well but believe they bleed off power as heat rather than switching a gate open/closed:

Can easily figure out you LED circuit values by putting in the rated voltage/amperage for the LEDs


Pretty handy for under 10s batteries. I found ones that go to 50v or more but the price point gets expensive


And i spoke too soon… China to the rescue…


Maybe you could get an esc “substitute” and a lights controller at the same time. I don’t know if anyone has tested this, but it looks cool…

EDIT: Cool concept, but it goes a staggering 11MPH or 18KPH


There are some great ideas in this thread!

I just finished this bad boy today:

Running these lights:

For the tail light, I unscrewed the lens off one of them and put some layers of Tuck tape (red siding tape) on the inside and reassembled.


running this on 25.9v
24x3w Cree wide angle…
it’s pretty bright!


Why did u sell it?


Wow that seems like a super strong light. Aren’t you blinding people in front of you ?? But this looks great. I might give it a try.