Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit



could you please make a video when you’re riding it on a 10s setup, and show top speed.


Hello. I don’t know if it’s the right place to put this doubt but here it goes. Does anyone of you guys, with electric skateboards, use this in the trucks or it’s necessary:

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard something like that :grin:


Top speed is ~25mph with the 83mm wheels that comes in the kit based on user reports.


I have the 10s2p kit.
Only been riding it for 10km due to bad weather.
Unfortunately i had a bearing problem but as soon as this is fixed (diyeboard is working on solution) I will post a full review.

Diyeboard has been great to deal with.

Top speed is 39km/h and im 75kg.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



I m impatient to read the review !


Soon soon just waiting for the bearing issue to be sorted :slight_smile:

Just want to give as accurate review as possible :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,
Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We are working on the bearing improvement and will send you new ones if test approved.



Not hating here your product but the mountain board truck are poorly made . l already
Have 12mm trucks and they start to bent .so what l mean you need a minimum of 12mm size to be reliable . otherwise people like me who already buy trampa mbs want a minimum quality. But if you can sell diy parts for trampa. Mbs like motor mount . pulleys. Etc this will make grow your business very fast !! Have a nice day


Hes a reseller thats it. And he pretend to build them lol


thanks, we agree, trampa and mbs are good. we aim at this level just need time. we should focus more on quality, thanks for your advice.


you mean us? no, we are factory my freind.


so wow! you build for Vliegerop BV , kheo , and srub !! will be fun to ask them where they bought their stuff but l am sure not from sk8 !! :smile:


sorry to bother you guys with this old topic, but i saw this while i was looking the same 10s5p kit from them, and saw that a lot of you complain about the 500 price.
Im here in mexico and i want to build my first one, not for a day to day use but more like for commute and fun, but i think i would upgrade the motor mounts; or what page would you recommend to build.

Because i know that cheap sometimes cost more, and lets be honest i dont want to buy cheap and to spend another 500 on new arts because the ones on the kit are in the trashcan.

sorry to ask on an old post.


Steer well away from this crappy set up. Trust me. Read this and make up your own mind.


bro, i owe you a huge one, you save me, but now comes the problem that i dont have more than 500 to buy one, and looking on the options, they are not that good, what site do you recommendo to buy the parts (that way i think i can do 2 orders and increase the amount of money) that have international shipping?


Personally speaking I would go to @torqueboards, bit more dollars but you get a kit that works perfectly out of the box and is high quality.

Have a look round and enjoy

  • Your weight?
  • Max speed required?
  • Max range required?
  • Budget?


at the moment 83, but normally between 79 and 84 kilos
max speed 25 miles would be awesome, can be less
between 12-18 miles
budget, right now i have 500usd, more to come in feb, so i can buy some parts right now and another later, or a full kit in feb.


as you say, more dollars, right now im looking the meepo’s, but a part of me say that if i buy a meepo i’ll be buying a new diy next year or in 9 months, but dunno, diy or buy a prebuild?