Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit



you know where do paris truck made from ,like mbs wheels where do they made of, China, so you say real paris trucks, it is made in China just patented and branded. so many paris clones here, but quality may same or varies, most of them still made by the same factory that oem for paris truck. we used the paris maybe you can call it clones, we use the paris made by that factory who oem for paris truck.



The people on this forum know what they are talking about and know what is crap and what isn’t.
They demand quality and are willing to pay the extra cash that comes with it.
You should really redefine your marketing plan, you are out of place here imo.
Take care


advice taken, thanks. still we have to take care of most builders like starters and students and hobby doers, not all people same like you too proffessional and rich.
we focus on competitive resonable price with warranty covered, and sold quality ensured for building a solid a board not toy.


I smell Chinese reselling

Some truth about buying ‘‘fake’’ stuff from China, (min 6)


Funny, I am all what you describe as ‘most builders’ :joy:


yall need to ease up. until someone actually sells inferior gear why not give em a chance?


I’m interested in some of your product but it is a bit in the face, the right way to do it would be to make your own thread and stick on that, add parts to your thread instead of creating a thread for each product. If someone asks to buy something, don’t spam the thread with links to your products, pm them or just say you have some. Look at what other sellers to here with subtlety & a little class.

At the moment it’s kind of taking over the parts forum that is probably not gonig to win you friends.

I may want those UT wheels and hubs but waiting for the good @mmaner to come back with his review.

Here’s some homework in the interim

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much much appreciate your kind advice, all taken, thank you so much. wait for reviews on the 6’’ wheel thread, Mike and others will soon review there, packages on road, and Mike will likely receive soon, unfortunately lots of buyers only bought wheels without hubs and pulley.
thanks again for your kindness and considerate comment.


Sometimes you just gotta ignore the haters keep doing what your doing. Ill post my honest opinions when I get the wheels and have them mounted.

Regarding the hubs, the reason most people are ordering the wheels without hubs is because they are not very attractive and they are not offset. If you could create a spoke pattern in the hub, that would go a long way towards making them look better. If you can make the hb so the point of contact is at the inside instead of the middle that would make them sit wider and more usable on standard trucks.

Just my advice…


make sense, we will consider about your advices, you are really nice and righteous, never say rude way and honestly give comment, you are quite a grownups with wisdom knowing how to lead a righteous life.
looking forward to your first review on wheels.


Hey buddy. Any followup regarding the wheels? Have you received them yet?


Ive got them, mounted on 6 shooters. Trying to get my drop deck fixed so I can try them out. Had BMS issues, got that resolved. Then cracked the enclosure, got that resolved. Now the remote wont bind, gonna try a new remote tonight.


What was wrong with the BMS and did the vendor send you a new one?


I haven’t gotten that far yet.


I mean I would consider this KIt, for science or a beginner friend who would want to start somwhere. The thing is, that it is an inferior product as to what we would use components wise:

1.) mounts, no idler pulley and no way of adjusting belt tension
2.) 270 kv is very high,
3.) very rarely poeple use esc, mayby for a backup board or for fun, but 99% use vesc’s/focboxes
4.)Battery cells as well.

If it would turn out it would survive some more serious group rides, with a decent review poeple may be inclined to go for it for a backup board or for fun like I said. If you want to convince poeple that this is a solid entry level solution you could mayby do that If 1-2 kits were reviewd and brought to their limits. But I don’t think poeple would pull the triger blindly here, since most of us learned that buying cheap to upgrade later is not worth it.

Edit:Let me see if anyone here from our group (25 people) would be intrested in testing one. Though 500$ is alot for “science and fun”.


thank you for the comment, but truth is we everyday got many orders for the kits, people like it not for price reason also the performance. it is absolutely not a entry level like acton, it is a pro level of boosted. we just lower the price to make more people enjoy this skating fun with eboard, let more people join in and we save the world by reducing the co2 emmission.


I bought the kit and I’m using it now. However, the belt tension is way off, its incredibly tight and definitely putting unneeded stress on the bearings. Also, while 270kV is perfect for 6S it’s way off for 10S and I’m losing potential power by using it with a VESC. If you made the mounting holes for the motor longer so you could adjust tension and reduced the kV these things would be perfect for most DIY builders.

As it stands their suitable for low power 6S boards but far off the mark for “pro level of boosted” type boards.

And to be fair, eboards are pedal bike alternatives not car alternatives. I wouldn’t say you’re reducing co2 emissions.


you bought from us? when?