Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit



How are the roads there. If roads are rough then 107 or pneumatics is what you need?

I had 83mm wheels previously and my feet would become numb because of rough roads.


normal roads, in mexico city we have places where…well even cars have problems, but not in my area, i cant say perfect roads, but acceptable ones, i have my 90mm abec flywheels and they go perfect


I have a meepo and its not bad tbh. It works and it will get you from a to b. I’d say most esk8 builders have at least one prebuilt in their quiver. Its a good way to dip a toe in to see if you like it. But and its a big but you will be building something or upgrading it before too long. The company behind the meepo are very reputable though so if you do have an issue they will sort it for you.
One of my meepos now runs 2 focboxes and a bigger battery and I use it daily. The other one is for the kids and for new esk8rs that want to try.
Nothing wrong with buying a cheap pre-built to get you started and as I said the meepo is cheap and good back up. You will be buying and building again though but you can never have too many boards and this way you can see what you want to change and build something that fits you. Food for thought. Good luck my friend and welcome to the club


thanks, now im more calm, and just one more question, if i buy a meepo, could i buy and swap the sanyo batt later? or does this avoid warranty?


Nope they will sell the battery upgrade to you. The cheaper battery is a bit too small though so you would be better off trying to get the sanyo straight away. I did hear a rumour they were going to using samsung 30q’s soon so do some checking.


mmmmmm then ill check, to see if i wait or i buy it now, thanks for the healp, may be later with more money and time ill build one my self after i use one and see as you say, what i like.


Its the absolute best way to get involved. For context, I had 3 different pre-built boards before I ventured into building. It gives perspective on exactly what you feel needed improvement. Hang out here and use the time with the meepo as a learning curve. Do some saving and reading and then build what you want, exactly the way you want and we’ll see your creation in next years best build awards!


I have a meepo v2p 90mm edition. It’s given me 0 problems and really has unlocked a new hobby and really fun recreational activity. People do end up spending a lot on these things although still a lot less than car enthusiasts do on their cars.

If you do end up getting a pre built I highly recommend getting the Sanyo. The last thing you want to worry about while you’re out having fun is having to cut your ride short to go back and charge up.


Yeah, every body its telling me the same, i really dont mind havind to charge it, but i know that the day i have it according to my luck, ill need to go to a more than 50% of the batt distance and wont be able to return with the same charge, so ill go with the sango and buy an extra later