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Forgot to say just could not fit the switch in the end - just not enough space was looking for a low profile replacement but @Martinsp just released a push on with auto off function, going
to use without switch on 5min auto off (will have access to pull the x90 from battery if needed)



Dogpoo Package Delivery

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Delivery for last stage (30 miles 96 hours if delivered today)

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31.07.2018 18:36 Aalter (BE) In transit.
31.07.2018 15:35 Aalter (BE) Received by DPD from consignor.
31.07.2018 07:45 DPD data centre


Nice build. I have to say I’ll use it for reference when I continue my Falcon build. I initially tried the standard TB motor mounts, but couldn’t find a good angle for them. With the mounting positions available they ended up being almost horizontal. Which I know from another build to scrape motors, even with 107s.

So I’m considering the extended reverse mounts (or different mounts altogether). Although with 320-330mm 12mm belts, not having an idler is worrying.


I understand this entirely. I contemplated moving the truck back a bit by drilling new mounting holes but there’s not much room to go on the deck and I would worry about integrity. I didn’t want to turbo wedge either. I looked at about 15 different mounts, I have 5 sets of different ones sitting here in my box, none of them worked.

So I have some rear tb mounts in customs right now, released tomorrow and that will be my solution until something better comes along. I really didn’t want to rear mount but that’s just the way the cookie crumbled :slight_smile:


Thanks for that input. I think the TB extended mounts will work, I’d rather have the motor clearance for full lean anyway. I just don’t know how much I trust 12mm belts at that length without a tensioner. Has anyone modded the TB extended mounts to have an idler? Or have different solution?


Found loads here in a search:

and many more.


@Static Further to this, here’s my plan:

I have a set of @dickyho dual idler mounts here, I’m going to steal one of the idlers from each mount and install them on the TB reverse mount:

I’ll drill out a little section of the motor mounting groove to give it some stability from sliding and then use a decent size bolt to put this idler on.

The idler bearings have a lip on one side and a nylon spacer, perfect for holding the belt in place but they don’t look like they are the best bearings in the world :wink: I’ll see how they hold up and replace as needed.

You can get them for $2.50, hard to go wrong really, even if its just for proof of concept: https://www.ebay.com/itm/302775190943


That’s a solid plan, I think I’ll pick up a couple of those too. Wouldn’t be difficult at all to mount those either.


belts :slight_smile:

finally belts fit

removed receiver case for mounting in focbox case, wrapped in fishpaper

fit under here

not a bad fit a little tight when sealed

cut away a little plastic so the wires don’t get crushed on tighten

it lives…

this thing has brutal acceleration need to work on setting acceleration curve

so instead of that I decided to take my first test ride :slight_smile:

wires need tiding (waiting on my auto switch) re-gripping still planned

and instantly found the same as @Static and @brenternet I’m going to have to lower my motors past the level where its sensible, I think I may go down the reverse mount route

@Martinsp my push switch arrived :slight_smile:

@Kug3lis pulley arrived - really lovely quality!

@3DServisas really love the extra X washer thank you :slight_smile:


@Kug3lis pulleys fitted, really like them

looks perfect from the outside too

I was expecting to need a 20mm longer belt (was on 280) but only needed a 285

had an unexpected side effect I was able to mount a little closer than before meaning I have workable clearance :slight_smile:

I also more space between motors than TB pulley


taken my first successful test ride kept under 20mph and best of all no motors hitting the enclosure!

strange feeling going from decks with tails, but like the way the evo handles so far

best of all when I look down I see my monkey :sunglasses:

by far the best best xwasher I’ve ever seen thanks again @3DServisas

still to add the push to power on switch but its finally usable :joy:


Looks super clean bro :slight_smile:


thanks, just got back from first 2mile ride, everything seems to be working fine so far can’t wait to see how fast this will go, but since I built it I really need to test it properly first he he :slight_smile:

the monkey on the washer really does make me smile so much every time I see it a great touch thanks :slight_smile:


Hey me too


What a sick build! Just curious, how high is the deck of the ground?

@Kug3lis I like that monkey washer plate! Is it laser etched on the anodized aluminum or silkscreen?


It’s laser etched :slight_smile:


I’m interested in getting two gold ones , with one with Laser engraving on it, how much would it be ?


Are you selling those black washer plates? I thing they look really high quality like all of your parts. :+1:


Maybe @sk8l8r will not get angry for advertising here :smiley:

P.S. More colors coming in @Jc06505n also maybe gold ones will be available too…


@Kug3lis go for it! :slight_smile: I have to say the etching makes a massive difference :slight_smile:


Thanks! Didn’t find them in your shop before.