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@Grozniy I have a similar set but these allow so much more torque, I had a grub screw that would not move, bent my alien hex, and the standard length ones just didnt work out

and this rounded end gets even destroyed ones out

@brenternet this is with just 6deg

and 12deg


Progress: enc. mounting

after installing my nutcerts the wrong way I had some rework to do …

these were way harder to get out than I expected, had to heat them a little to release the epoxy

find I use this little torch more and more

drilled countersunk holes through the deck

and added a little epoxy to keep them from spinning (next time I’m using those screw in ones lol)

i do kinda dig the Frankenstein styling (temporary until I re-grip)

while I wait for that to cure finally getting round to adding the flat-spots on the SK3s

all done

first problem I’ve had to far, I’ve noticed one of the motors has a shaft and can that move about 1mm when its mounted its really noticeable - I checked the visible screws and nothing seems loose is it safe to use like that?


thank you @e.board_solutions my final components have been sent, I can ride this weekend :wink:



You’re running your focbox up top on the cnc case right?
Do you plan to add caps?


yes, I wasn’t planning on my wire is not long 5" maybe (will check later) saw your post I’d like to know what ‘too far’ is also :slight_smile:

BTW I’m planning on routing my wires under the case between the mount , half considered mounting my metr in that little space in the mount


Thing is looking awesome man :wink:


@sk8l8r what’s your motor clearance like against the enclosure at full lean on those TB mounts? I just cant find a mount that will allow me to mount inwards and handle any kind of lean at all.


It’s probably fine, have you checked if the circlip and brass spacer move with it? If not, check the grub screws at the end of the can


@brenternet its not bad when using a 12 deg wedge, I’ll take some pics at full lean

@Deckoz thanks, its beginning to drive me nuts not having ridden it yet… lol :slight_smile:

@PatRocks cool, I must admit I’m going to use it anyway just worried it will slacken more. I’m pretty sure circlip moves I checked all the screws I could find nothing was slack


I’d appreciate that thank you. I’ve got a riptide cable riser which is 1/2" to use on it but I think I’ll have to skip that for a wedge to get the elevation.


I must admit I think its the wedge that makes this workable I have a 1/2" I can try out see how it works what I want to use is 12 deg wedge and a small 1/4" foam / plastic riser to remove vibration - this seems to work well at stationary not tried anything moving yet - I did decide not to de-wedge the front I really didnt like the instability de-wedging created - noticeable even standing still


@brenternet btw just spotted 12 deg risers in blue-tomato sale £ 5.31 > £ 1.29


This is great thank you @sk8l8r


Site appears to be broken, can’t add anything to my cart. Tried a few browsers. Bummer.


no progress: dpd you should be ashamed lol

cool getting it

oh no its going to be late

but cool your going to try your very best :slight_smile:

imagine my surprise after end of sat. apparently I decided I wanted a Monday delivery … TOTAL LIES :slight_smile:



well today wasn’t wasted managed to time it right to try out @3DServisas push on ABEC pulleys - I’m so happy I refused to drill cores out to fit those TB screws in ones I have :slight_smile:


This post is great. I have borrowed a lot of the parts list entries in my upcoming build :slight_smile: Thanks sk8l8r!


@morty thanks but I can’t take much credit most things very much based on @Deckoz master evo :slight_smile:

had to give up on my red bolts just a little too short using the 10mm neoprene foam

semi final mounting

reasonable clearance

wanted a little extra height on the focbox case, so used an x-washer

gives it more of a spoiler look. I ended up using 12deg wedge and thin Dooks short stack on the back and only a thick Dooks short stark on the front - feels really stable, I tried with the 6deg wedge and when I stood on the front of the board with slack truck bolts felt like balancing on a wire

still to make the cables look nice

@brenternet at full lean (trucks far looser than I would ride with) they don’t touch it just looks that way due to reflection I’ve tried to make them touch and could’nt

other direction

need to work out something to protect my power cables or get a stand

bajaboard meet clone evo… :wink:

so just waiting on belts and push in ABEC pulleys :slight_smile:


Looking awesome, it’s close but workable. I decided against wedging and I’m going to mount out the back, still got short mounts on the way too so that I can experiment.