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CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



I haven’t seen them in red before. Looking good those abec metro’s.


Yes, correct. Metroboard 107s

They ride nice!


Anodizing shop just finished the wheel adapters. Picked them up this morning.

Putting them on and shipping out them out today. Doing some shots with them too.

We will also do more production shots later as we keep going at it. Remember, ExoDrive is ready and in stock now.


what’s the difference between these and the ExoDrive?


So TDs are ok on 12s?


Think they are same thing


I have issues with uphill starting. I have been told its the sensors connections from switching from exo koowheel esc to focbox. I have done 50 miles more or less. I use Metr app for data.


They are same thing. Just don’t want to be confused with imitation also named “torque”. :wink:


We’ve successfully run them on 12s BLDC mode. But on FOC, there’s stuttering. So 10s on FOC is safe bet.


Could you drop the animosity towards TB please? Surely you can see that if your supply chain had been consistent and you hadn’t gone onto what appeared to be hiding, the “imitation” would not exist.

Out communicate, engineer and sell If that’s the plan, whining here does not help that end at all.

If this comes across disrespectful I apologise but I’m just sick of reading these little jabs all over the forum all day.


I mean , we can’t expect the man not to be annoyed , carvon’s business practices aside what company wouldnt be annoyed at competition? It’s like expecting ABEC to not be annoyed at chinese flywheels.


Of course yes. But it’s business, do we need it on this community forum?


Yes, this BF stirred a lot of dust on the forum. The pioneers are getting overtaken and competition by people who can build upon their knowledge. I want to see them (the pioneers) to make the next step and learn from their new peers. Hopefully in a constructive manner.


Oh c’mon. That was just a little teasing.

Why do you think I’m not in the forum always? That’s because I’m constantly refining and perfecting the product. It takes enormous amount of time and dedication to make sure it’s ready, all for you guys. There was no road map for me, no prior art on how to correctly do it. Then someone just literally grabs the thing you’re working on and runs away with it. Unlike TB, I create my products personally, because I want to personally know if it works, so I’m very invested in it.

I know you guys are fuming at me because of the delays. But you guys cannot deny the fact that CARVON literally came up with something that is revolutionary. And we did it the right way. We did it the hard way. Because at the end of the day, it’s not all about money, it’s making sure the product is safe, reliable and still the best to ride.

Sorting out the origins of direct drive

lol no comment. :cry: :sob:


These DD’s look very solid.

I didnt know where Carvon was or if they were ever coming back, good to see you guys back.
Also that cooling adapter is amazing, but i wonder if there will be a difference irl… can you show an experiment with a thermal cam?

Edit: dont pull an onloop on us here


Haha…more work. Okay

No I’m not gonna pull anything. I’m very restrained. The market will decide which has the best design. And based on our experience, and by the looks of the others (not just TB), we have the best design for it.

Btw, our drives made from China will arrive soon. They will be available in big retail websites. But if you want these ABEC 11 made hangers, you guys better get them while they last.

EDIT: We are only selling the drives on big box websites. We needed to make a big order to keep the cost down. Most of the drives we ordered will go towards finishing complete board orders.


Will you guys sell the hangars separately?


Actually, we may. We have a design where you can actually make our truck become a truck for belt-drive system. So you can use the truck for both DD and belt-drive. And I believe, it’s the strongest truck in the market.


Wow that sounds very interesting, is there an expected release date?

Also for the new carvons you are releasing, wouldn’t it be better to have a poked utherane or utherane with a design or spaces in between for a bit more cooling without compromising durability?