Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



That was our first design. But it did not cool as much. But I’m not stopping anyone from coming up with it. It’s all about designing and testing.

But I do highly recommend putting urethane sleeve covers on the middle part where we put our urethane covers. That part of the motor gets snagged easily when going on uneven surfaces. If you leave it unprotected and only with metal showing, it can actually stop you and make you go flying forward. With a urethane cover, it acts like a hubmotor just spinning and rolling on and over the road hazard.


It’s 5 AM where you are isn’t it? Early Bird or still awake? Do you think you can get the drives from the groupbuy out today? Will we get tracking numbers after you send them?
Thanks man! The anodized adapters are looking amazing can’t wait to hold them.


Yeah, sleep late…wake up early. Doing them right now.


Lastly, try to put yourself out there. Everyone knows carvons, but before i even clicked this thread, i thought people were checking on shipping or something like that. Your product is well deserved


@lever what do you mean by big box stores selling your drives …who will be selling your drives other then you


I will be from now on, got more help around here. Thanks!


Will you have enough stock to fill individual adapter orders too?


I mean like Amazon and Ebay. We are selling them. Tbh, I’m not worried about the guys here in the forum. I’m worried about China selling my drives. We need to be out there first.


Yes, we build the adapters in-house. I just got a guy to help me out in CNC, he’s really quick.

I feel like the adapters need to be in-house. The wheel’s core spec changes. We need to be able to adapt to it quickly.


Yes you do. your drives started a revolution for eskate


Thanks! I love this community, in real life! lol.

I go out and ride as much as I can with the group. Was recently at Ciclavia. Got knocked out in Vegas…haha! I was (and still is) with the veterans at the old endless sphere forum. Met a lot of wonderful people. Lost a kind and gentle soul…

RIP Derek…I miss you bro


@LEVer Sorry, I went direct drive man! It’s not personal. I designed a hub motor setup first but ultimately couldn’t go hub motor it was the wrong design IMO. I wish you all the luck and always have. You’re always a friend in my book whether or not you care. :joy: Keep the passion alive man! Don’t let it phase you.


Awesome, ordered a kegel adapter last week. Looking forward to trying it out.


Aww, man. You know I would have gone off on you like I do on Hummie if I’m pissed. And btw, I do like Hummie too. I think I met him at Oakland Maker Faire long time ago, even though he was being quiet about it haha. We ol’timers are all one happy, crazy and quarreling family. But I’m proud of what “we” all started. Esk8 ON!


Yes, sending tracking now. Just busy training new guy to do CNC, but he’s getting hang of it.


Are the adapters that came on my v4 XL going to work then or do they not cool effectively? Are we able to send the old adapters in for replacement/exchange for the new ones?

I noticed you said the new adapters will fit a lot better too. Mine fit super loose(I know about the heat shrink, but we are talking about taking up a 2-3mm gap).


This is for ExoDrives, not SpeedDrive XL. I’m not sure if you got the SDXL version with full urethane or the one with the extended wheel adapter.

You probably have adapters for clone wheels. If you are using ABEC 11 Flywheels, I can replace the adapters you have for Flywheels.


I believe mine are the extended wheel adapters. Heres a photo:


Are you using Flywheels?


Are exo drives another drive in your line up or are they torque drives like the title of the thread?

I remember there being confusion when you first had these drives out too. I wonder if this is why.