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CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



Since I’ve got confirmation that a few XL hangers have been made and more are to come, I’m more confident in selling the V4 TorqueDrive. Only 10 spots available.

Only $399. For shipping, add $25 for US, $50 to Canada and $70 to Europe. PayPal: Only 10 slots available. First come, first serve. Ships after 4 - 8 weeks.


  1. Baseplate will be black
  2. Comes with non sandblasted clone wheel adapters, heat shrinks provided for fitting ABEC 11 Flywheels
  3. Comes with VESC sensor wires and connector, requires soldering
  4. Comes with complete 10mm bearings and spacers on drive truck
  5. Comes with 10.5" width, 5/16" diameter axle black front truck with nuts, speed rings, bearings and spacers

Features and Tech Specs:

  • Dual 85kv sensored motors, 450W each
  • Custom-made precision CNC hanger and axle
  • Heat treated 4140 axle
  • Stepped-down axle (from 12mm to 10mm)
  • Motors can be easily removed and inside bearings replaced
  • Axle end-to-end is 11 inches (280mm)
  • Comes with wheel adapters for blank/clone wheels
  • Comes with waterproof 9 pin Ebike motor connectors and VESC sensor connectors, must solder wires
  • Motors are sealed and splash-proof, but do not submerge

Carvon V4 TD Group Buy?
Carvon TorqueDrive V4 Group Buy slot for sale (Reserved)

Welcome back Jerry.
There have been some changes and now all group buys must be organized by a member with L3 status and posted in the group buy category.
For this situation you could just list these as New items for sale.


Sorry, didn’t know. I guess I’ll change title then. Thanks.


@LEVer I need a hour to a hour and a half max and I’ll have the money sent plrase hold two please…I’m just stuck in a hole at my job and can’t get to the bank till I’m off in a hour or so …I want two drives please and thank you big time for doing this …much appreciated sir… 950 usa dollars with shipping is what is needed am I correct to Canada…


Lol, nah it’s $898 for 2 shipping to Canada


Lol my math is so wrong399 not 499 …sorry I got pumped and my boss was staring at me with my phone lol…sorry…I’m leaving work in a half hour and you should receive payment in that sum in a hour tops thank you very very much sir…very stoked… gonna have to buy some phyco six shooters now


Sick! These spots are going to fill quick :grin:


I’ll take one.
Is this OK with 12s?


It will be pretty close to 60K erpm limit of VESC on full charge.


Ok @LEVer money’s been sent for two TD drives sir… Thank you very much…now I was thinking let me know when you have the keegal adapters for the TD and SDR I’ll take one of the SDR and two of the TD and maybe send them at the same time as the drives to help with shipping cost to Canada as they SUCK…thanks again…
cheers Jerry


Got it, thanks! Will do on the adapters!


Okay guys, cause this is a Flash Sale (and since I can’t call it a Group Buy :sweat_smile:), it will be up for only 24 hours. If we don’t get 10 orders, then I will have to return all the PayPal to those that sent them.


When Is the deadline for payments?


Sweet thanks alot👍…send me the bill when your ready to ship them out I’ll send the cash to ya for the adapters


24 hrs he saying


10s for these


So glad @Frenchy you got your order in.


This is my review of these drives I posted yesterday
These are $100 less that what I paid a month ago AND you get front trucks. Absolute bargain


@Wraith this is a 24 hr only deal for the drives this is your chance to carv the fuck on


@iKNOWaFATman Were you still looking for some td’s?


Hey @LEVer can we change the heading to A 24 HR ONLY GROUP BUY TORQUEDRIVE AND ONLY 10 TO BE SOLD …this will trigger … I’m sure of it …