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CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



These guys are probably not even backers, thats the worst of it all.


Yes. Definitely not a backer.




Haha, this thing has veered way off course! :smile:

Okay guys, here’s the plan. These are all info that I know all of you guys are asking about CARVON:

  • We are going to produce in-house around 20 sets of CARVON ExoDrives (we’re calling it ExoDrives now to avoid confusion) per week starting right now. This is aside from the 10 sets that we have already produced for this Group Buy.

  • 10 sets of those 20 sets will go towards building 10 EXO Pros for the Indiegogo Backers per week. The rest will go towards current retail sales of either the drive by itself or the complete board.

  • If you guys want to get on the Direct Drive bandwagon now, you can buy the ExoDrive now and you will get it after a week if you live in the continental USA. That is 100% guaranteed. I know it doesn’t mean much considering all the delays, but this time, I’m the manufacturer and we’re doing mass production.

  • This current GB will ship Monday. I want to anodize the new Wheel Adapters to black. I hate shiny things. The ExoDrive is also being offered for a limited time only, so you guys better get it before we really start concentrating on completes.

  • If you notice at our exoboards website, we also have the regular EXO which, as you may have noticed, is based on Meepo, Wowgo, etc. design. This will be our entry-level board that is meant to compete with those brands and will be made in China.

  • Stay tuned for update on EVOs, which is a bit harder board to finish.


Yeah you really need to get on those EVO update, those people feel so left out. Have Dave contact me if anything else needs to be transported on weekends. See you Sunday 9am at Philz?


The EXO PRO is with the new wheel adapter or it’s in option?


I know, VESC-based board for the mass market is hard. I’m designing to make it more user-friendly. See you Sunday!


It’s an option. Really don’t need the new adapters if you’re going to use current esc of EXO Pro. But if you’re thinking you want to connect the motors to VESC or Focbox in the future, I’d advice to opt for the new wheel adapters.


It is you that is wrongly assuming. Of course there’s air pressure coming from the front when youre going forward but it’s not going to go in that hole no mater how much you carve or how big the wheel is or how fast you’re going. that’s the point of contention and an interest of mine and I’ve done a lot of research, experimenting and modeling of different forced air cooling methods


Out of curiosity why…hight heat output or what?


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Considering people can use the motors with 107mm-plus wheels when they use VESC/Focbox, I’m just looking out ahead on the design.


If anyone here is located in the EU and wants to trade a TD (when delivered) for my SDv4 (last groupbuy) with a little extra payment… Shoot me a PM.


Thanks for this.

I was able to get the TD running on focbox (I mounted the hangar the other way :scream::joy:) the went through VESC tool to get it up and running.

I didn’t need to mess with the sensor. It came with jst 6 pin with my 9 pin connector.


Did a ride tonight here is the data.

Fun. Lots of torque. Way better than
Previous setup. Did have a fault, my motor wire loosened. I Was able to fix and keep going with no damage to my vesc :+1:t3:

Edit: did SF Bay Area group ride today

The carvon TDS are epic. I was 80-90% successful in converting EXO koowheel esc to focbox. I ran foc sensored and it ran smooth. I had issues going uphill, slow starting uphill cogging, and believe the sensors are culprit. I did notice heat from motors and hangar as expected with these drives.

Overall, they are a blast. I did use @pxss adapters as they fit my wheel snug. The rolling resistance allows for push if needed. My battery was draining quickly as I was in mode 3 Hoyt remote. I think these remotes kick ass and work well carvon Motors. Thanks @Sender fur putting that group buy together.

Question, @LEVer with your adapters for TD, do you recommend cutting the sleeve like SDR and will your adapter for six shooters work?


Just a reminder:

Your words. Looking forward to that tracking number tomorrow, chico :yum:


Yes, I would recommend half-sleeve only if you’re going to pair motors with VESC/Focbox/Unity. The motors get fed more amps so need help in cooling. Yes, the adapters for SixShooters only work with clone wheel adapters (those clone wheels with thick spokes), not with ABEC11 or Kegel-core adapters.

@dspx Yup, just got back home from riding with the guys at Ciclavia. They’re still there but I gotta get back to work. :sweat_smile:


Slight elevation drop with a full battery charge. Reached 60 kph (37mph) using 12s4p TD (salvaged from exo board) on focbox.

I felt vibration on my feet after riding, which I experienced on other direct drive trains. Foc/Sensored is ninja quiet.


Wheels specs? Sixers?