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CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



Hah 4-8 weeks, right… so what’s the status on these drives, @LEVer ?
And check your PMs, kthnx.


Has any one from this group buy received there drives yet… @goldrabe did you get yours already I see your posting in the carvon thread on them.


Definitely not. @LEVer, as though you’d ever respond, it would be so very nice to get some information in the form of an update.


This would be nice. But I had a good feeling this would happen. But I took the chance to see if they would come out faster. I’m not boardless just wanting a update would be wonderful. But feel for them backers. some ppl over a year is ruthless to wait…


No, nothing. I was hoping for a quicker turnaround too…
I hope they won´t be outdated by other offerings from different vendors the time we get them!


Thanks for the reply… wasn’t sure if you got yours already… hopefully he can get them out soon…just trying to see if he has sent any of these out to any of the ppl here that got on the list … I have 2 sets waiting for my 4wd winter commuter with six shooters …I’ve gotten snow a couple time already the speed drives don’t like that shit at all…


Hey guys, the new axles are expected to arrive this week. Once we receive them, we will build your units and ship them right away. The new axles feature threads to enable the use of axle nuts to lock the motors, much like the same as you lock your wheels.

We also plan to sell Wheel Adapters for Boa 100mm wheels. As you can see from above, we already have the design and will machine one soon to test fit it.

Shipping of the EXO Pro will also resume this week as we get all the parts. We will also do full promotion and tours with the EXO Pro as we ramp up its batch-production. We have also redesigned the regular EXO to compete with other entry-level boards and will do mass-production of it from China. The EVO Racing boards will continue to be custom-made and take time. But we expect to also ramp up its production very soon.

As such, is up again. We will also be back in social media to reflect our focus on EXO. Lastly, we will build a customer service and support department to handle everyone’s concern.

Again, thank you for all your patience and support.


I’m not the last to criticize when you tell nothing so thank you for the news


Interesting news! Nice to see an update.


@LEVer any chance of round 2 GB? :slight_smile:


Great news thanks for the update @LEVer


Thanks much for the update, I am a an early backer out here in San Fran, Any chance of getting the board before Christmas?


More update from machine shop, getting ready to pick up later today.

Really sorry I can’t reply to everyone, just busy driving around L.A. We do have a LiveChat on website, and it goes directly as text to my phone. Way better than the app.

Carvon and EXO Boards. They won't deliver. Have I been scammed?

Thanks for your frequent updates now!!

Can´t wait to install them on my board. :star_struck:


Thanks for getting back to me, Jerry. I’m glad things are moving forward!


Glad to hear the progress! Now start shipping these damn EXOs please. -Larkin


Wanna show you guys the new Extended Wheel Adapters. These patent-pending Extended Wheel Adapters not only allow you to use and mount different wheels onto your TD, they also function as high-efficiency heat sinks that cool the motors down.

They have slots that act as fan blades while the motor spins. I think we’re going to call it DynamiCool! :wink:

We are going to ship them to you guys now. Again, thanks for the patience and support. We won’t be here without you guys. The new Extended Wheel Adapters are also available on exoboards, so those who want to change their existing ones can order now. We machine them in-house so delivery is same or next-day.


Jerry!!! Yes, I want the newest and greatest, hand @psychotiller and mine over!


For existing TDs can you use these after trimming down the sleeve?


Dope! Really glad to see some upgrades to these drives and the promise of Kegel adapters coming to fruition :heart:

Now lemme get dat tracking info :wink:

Edit: Just gonna add that shipping through the store is outrageous, so you might wanna work on that at some point. Tested shipping on those urethane sleeves and it’s $20? No señor.