Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



Just paid will pm


And we’re out…thanks everyone! Time to hit up the factory.

If any one still interested, they will be available on the site but at regular price.


Would be down for one if someone opt out.


They get hot. Probably too hot but I forgot to measure on time. Here is a temp reading of 81 Celsius a few minutes after I came back from the following last and third recording of my ride.

The metr pro app only shows this which is incorrect.

This is due to that we need the correct value for the beta thermistor value in the vesc tool.

So yeah carvons overheat. Will show another reading later just after riding or during. I need to determine to which value I need to set up the cut off value now. If the app does give the correct reading I won’t be able to enjoy these motors because even though they get hot (too hot?) they ride fricken great.

@LEVer Vesc tool .94 shows just above 52000 on my 12s setup. Don’t have video of this but I can make one.
By the way when did these motors gain 10kv?


Yes so happy to read…cheers folks…thanks again @LEVer for this flash sale… so it looks it took about 10 to 12 hours to sell …one unit per hour pretty much…pretty awesome …


Make sure you lower Max amps and never go over 40A. If you want to keep top speed, you need to get bigger wheels. These motors are not meant to spin fast. They have 24 stator teeth and 28 magnets (24n28p), same as Raptor 2 motor except that one is longer. They have a lot of turns in them which increase resistance, and they will heat up if fed a lot of amps. Kv ranges between 75kv to 85kv.


@sayekim note that a temp. gun takes measurement of an area, not at the laser red dot point. So the readings of you gun are an average of the areas depending of the distance the gun is from the target point. On small parts its better to put the reading optic of the gun as close as possible of the part you want a temperature reading.

In all case your right, it’s too hot. Something will fail soon or later.


Unless of course the amps are lowered like we mentioned…:unamused:


I will do that and take readings on my next ride. Any idea which value I should enter for the beta thermistor value?


Not sure about the beta thermistor because we’ve never used it. I would say though that you have to start at 20A Motor Max for each vesc.

We have a 40A BMS on our EXO Pro and a generic, non-programmable Chinese ESC…and we can get up to 28 mph on 97mm wheels with the motors only getting warm. Theoretically, the motors are only getting around 20A each.


I am a little late here but, Their (Riptide) Tall barrel, Tall cone, and Tall fatcone should all work. I am personally a fan of the KranK formula.


Forgot to mention, make sure you compensate by using short cone bushings on the top/road side. Or else you won’t have enough threads. You can also just get a longer KP.


I just ordered these. My plan is to make an Evo-based board with TDs. My reasoning is that I don’t need/want the SDR speed.

My current plans are:

  • TD 2WD (ordered)
  • FocBox Unity (ordered)
  • ABEC11 107mm SuperFlys
  • Evo 39” or Falcon deck (unsure here)
  • EBoards Peru enclosure

This will be my first build. I’m unsure how to choose the following:

  • right battery pack to push 2WD TDs with 107s
  • the corresponding BMS
  • trucks spacers
  • remote

I don’t mind spending more on the right battery setup. I know that I should try to keep the TDs at 20A or less.


10s2p 30q is the smallest you’re gonna wanna go, those will do 20A each so 40A in 2p. To reduce sag and increase range significantly go to 3p or more.

As for the bms, if you do charge only protection then any 10s bms will do, just wire it for discharge bypass or else you wont get 40A. Otherwise you could go for full protection with a 40A+ bms, but charge protected bms can get pricey although that doesn’t seem to be an issue considering the build lol.


Okay guys, we’ve got the motors from China already. But we’re still waiting on the axles from the CNC shop. Normally we would machine the parts ourselves, but hardened 4140 steel is a bit too much for our machines. Hoping to get them in 1 - 2 weeks.


God I feel so lucky so have gotten mine when I did. Just did a carbon fibre wrap on mine :slight_smile:

Trust me guys. It will be worth the wait


looks good
" the carvon carbon edition"


Thank you @LEVer for the update


Will you send tracking numbers once you ship?


I’m sure they will have tracking on them. As of every other purchase from him i had a tracking number