Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

CARVON V4 ExoDrive = TorqueDrive -- CLOSED



I talked with Jerry earlier, and that’s the idea. He’s also offering shorter sleeves through the store, but cutting your own seems reasonable.


Wow this is so cool!!!

Can we have a metr comparison between TDs with the Dynamicool and TDs without? :smiley:


$20 is cheap. For you? We can do $100 :smiley:


Lol! 50¢ take it or leave it


personally delivered for $150 :smiley: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

Edit: Plus airfare fees. ty


Tbh, since the EXO complete boards are not using VESCs/Focbox, they are fine even with the regular wheel adapters.

I designed these new adapters cause I know you guys will demand a lot from the motors. People are actually going to hook up SixShooters on these motors.


Yes, you could.


No deal señor! I just came back from Mexico, I’ve been spoiled. Ain’t paying more than 20 pesos!


You’ve been blacklisted. Have a good day :slight_smile:


:joy: Why do you hate me?


“Be a man”


Thats not how aerodynamics work… The slot will help in giving the hot air inside the motor a way to get out, but no, slot ≠ fan blades…


What if you cut one side of the edge and make it into a fan? :thinking:


Yeah, I was thinking it could work like a centrifugal fan, but there is no inlet in the center so not gonna work that way.


So if the board is moving forward and the wind is hitting the motors, you don’t think the slots will, even for a small bit, capture some incoming air that might just pass over the motors if the surface was smooth? I only compared it to Raptor’s static StatiCool and this one spinning, like a fan, but not the actual shape.


Terms of size 90 mm Kegel wheels won’t work with these? Love the Idea and want to mount so Popaca’s on my Exo whenever it arrives.


Which side of the edge? Its hard for me to visualize since there are so many sides lol.

In the center radially or axially? So the koowheel motor does have an inlet on the other side of the motor.

I see what you mean, you’re talking about slotting the outside of the can and not only on the outside face that interfaces with the wheel.

I have to go to work but I’ll look it up in my books at lunch and get back to you later


I believe my sensors are not correct. I am having issues converting exo TD to focbox custom. I used a 9 pin connector, solder 3.5mm bullet connectors, and connected them to the focboxes.

However, the sensor wire, I read, could be the culprit as why I cannot pass the VESC tool properly.

Edit: my biggest issue is wheels won’t spin correctly. Then when using vesc tool or changing bullet connectors, I seem not able to get them to run properly.


This is the image when FSESC 4.2 ported to EXO.


Does the FSESC 4.2 have bullet buttons?

I purchased 9 pin connector to use for focbox. This is the thread where sensor wires need to be changed, I believed.