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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Can you take pictures of the drive itself?


The motor is 66mm, the urethane is 5mm and adds 10mm to the overall diameter making it 76mm

I edited the earlier post as the thickness of the adapter disc section is 3mm and is chamfered


2 sets por favor. Thanks for doing this.

Cheap ones are pretty accurate, but the nice ones are much nicer to use. For example my harbor freights, the battery was half dead every time I dug it out of the drawer. The Mitutoyos apparently run on mystic energy. Doesn’t make a difference if you leave it on.

iGaging’s absolute series seem a decent compromise.

I also like the plastic ones, comes in a 6 pack, can throw them around lose them etc, can measure live electric stuff, accurate enough for 99% of what I do.



Im down for 1 set maybe 2 if they also fit torque drive


I would be also in for a Kegel TD set.
Thanks for investing your time!


And 2 sets for me! :slight_smile:


Just so we’re all on the same page.
I am currently only doing ABEC11 adapters. I will expand to kegel and seismic after the first batch but I would like to keep focus on the ABEC11 adapters for now. I will send out a PM to those interested and start a list to confirm who is interested in the abec11 right now.

What is stopping me from doing kegel adapters right now is that I dont ride them and don’t own any of their wheels. So I don’t want to design something and send it out to manufacture if I cannot test it first.



I own both mitutoyo and iGaging and most of the time just use the iGaging. Treat them with care and they will remain perfectly accurate. If you need more accuracy than 0.001" then you should use a good micrometer and not calipers.


I have this problem too, over and over :wink:

I actually prefer dial calipers (Brown & Sharpe black face), but for the cursed 3d printer the Mitutoyo has taken over.

I also went on a ebay hunt for Starrett Master Vernier Calipers. A steal compared to the original prices, and it’s functional art.

This sort of stuff.

INCHES BITCHES! :wink: (oh wrong thread)


Just to be sure I make the list. I want the abec 11 flywheel adapter for the Torque Drives.

If only a certain someone made these right from the start.

I no longer bother with the heatshrink now. I’ve almost run out too.

Also does anyone have a better spacer/speedring for the torque drives? I can’t say I like the one that came with mine. They seem to deform my bearings a bit.


Please fill out this survey!

I’ll start a google doc to keep track of orders. I think I will accept orders until next friday at which point I will tally them up and send them to fab! Turn around is 3 weeks from the machine shop and 1 week after that they’ll be in your hands! You will see a link here later!

Payment will be due when monday 12 to fab as they require 50% deposit and 50% upon shipping.

Delivery date is probably around last week of November!

The adapter fits all drives, SD-R, SD-XL and TDs! I did not have time to upload pictures this morning.


Done thanks. I notice you already are including the kegel option. I tictactoe


I am gauging interest. If there is enough demand I may go out and buy some wheels to support this but it is purely there for me to gauge interest


Thanks for doing this @PXSS i fill out the survey …hoping to get some Roman candles ordered soon if all goes well and some rain wheels…


I realized that one question was poorly worded in the survey.

“Which wheels do you want?” has been updated to “Which wheels do you own?”. I am not providing wheels. This question is meant to tell me what type of adapter I am getting you.


Aww man. Was looking foward to my first set of kegels.


ME too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, can 90 mm wheels be safely run on XL’s at all or does Jerry’s 97 mm minimum recommendation still stand?


I believe the recommendation was for the TDs as they have a larger diameter. (76mm vs 69mm)
I think you can get away with 90mm wheels if you have smooths roads and dont need a lot of clearance.

Other’s opinions are probably more valuable than mine though as I will use my XLs with 97mm wheels.

Here is what the adapter CAD currently looks like. I had to make it swiss cheese so that the air vents on the TDs still get some flow… Not a huge fan of the look but I think some will find it appealing!

A little extra something while you wait for your drives…


thats looks good man!