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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



There will be more Carvon owners out there building their own ride…Specifically V4 speed drives and torque drives and up…they’ll be searching around looking for help or ideas…this will be a good place to start.


Please post up any helpful tips in regards to mounting, vesc setup parameters, maintenance, deck suggestions, wheel suggestions, remote suggestions, truck suggestions, bearing suggestions. Battery packs etc…Whatever you can think of to make Carvon life easy.

If there are old threads that are relevant…def post up. It will reduce the searching time and repeat questions for all the new Carvon pilots out there.

Thanks :pray:t2: in advance to all that contribute and thank to all that have participated in the V4 Group Buy.

Official Carvon v4 Group Buy (COMPLETED) thank you!
Flash Sale: Carvon V4 XL limited sets (COMPLETED)
It’s BACK! The Carvon V4 Speed Drive Available for $599 - Jan 2018 Delivery
Official Carvon v4 Group Buy (COMPLETED) thank you!

You’re just taunting us…since we won’t have anything to tune till next year :rofl:


Woot woot…group buy ftw…just have to get @willpark16 to make me a big ole battery pack


Was about to make this😂


Thanks for making these unicorn motors a reality. I never thought I’d see the day that these would be ever be available separately. Actually, I won’t really believe it till I see it, but this will be good time to plan out a build for these.


Im looking forward to contributing to this thread :grin:


Hb how we replace bearings


Well having nothing to tweak yet I’ll speculate on what I’ll be doing with my set…
A. 4WD, dual 6374 190 rear, v4 front 10S3P 25R, basically add to my current Zenith build
B. 2WD, v4 rear, 12S1P TBD 21700, integrated enclosure carbon fiber deck, feather light speed demon :yum:
F1 SuperFly on everything

Crazy experiments

I havent replaced my bearings on V3’s so I cant provide a step by step. I also havent sourced bearings so cant tell their exact sizes or where to buy them Ill work on getting this info as it definatelynneed to know info.

The Outer bearing is pretty easy, just remive the can screws, remove the can press out thrme bearing from the can.

Inner bearing is more involved, but youd remove the collar screw and the fasteners retaining the stator to the collar. Separating the collar from the stator should give you access to thr inner bearing.


22mm outer bearing


What front truck would go well with the V4’s? Liquid, Surf Rodz, Ronin, Caliber, etc? Are the V4 trucks made by Liquid?


I believe the V4 trucks (and their front ones) are CNC made by Liquid as posted on their Instagram.


Thr hanger for V3’s and V4’s are the same. Its one of the fo forward thinking moves Jerry did when designing these setups. Since the axles can be replaced with longer, shorter, thicker, or thinner axles up to 12mm he can adapt a range of different sized motors to these hangers by changing the collar adaptor.


I wonder if @michaelinvegas can pull some strings and get a group buy together for some single black or silver Liquid trucks? The precision ones look so nice, but I’d even be happy with one of the cast trucks.


So I just took some laps around my block with 83mm wheels on the 4wd :fearful:.

I was thinking Id be sacrificing top speed for torque with the smaller wheels…Umm think again. The board pulled to 42miles per hour with absolutely no sign slowing down. I might have to go sweep my top speed testing strip tomorrow and find out what this these V3’s can do lol.


When calculating the top speed for these things, does one fill in the same number for pulley and wheel teeth as it is a 1:1 drive?

Wondering if I maybe should go with a 10s4p instead of 12s3p because 50km/h is fast enough for me and I like the extra potential range.


So what is that hybrid setup really going to do better than just using 2 sets of Carbons? Torque build with the high top end? Still struggling to see the purpose even though it sounds awesome!


It’s a 1:1 gearing ratio correct. If you have dual drive set up with 12s3p and ride about 23mph or below you can get about 20 miles ride aggressive and you get about 12-15 (alot of factors such as weight,riding style ,hills )


You’re the Carvon Mad scientist. You def test the upper limits of what Carvons can do and what you can build out of them successfully. Your contributions are super important. Thank you sir!


The thing is if you haven’t tried dual carvon V4’s you would realize that dual is enough torque and crazy fast if your not more than 250+ lbs don’t do 4wd enless your signing a death wish a happy one :joy::joy: