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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



I am in the same position as @sayekim I have the Torque Drives.


If we’re talking TD compatible adapters, I’d be in for 2 sets.


I’d also be in for 2 sets for TD. Flywheels and kegel.


If any of you can give me OD for motor and hole pattern diameter, I can probably make the adapter fit both


Put me down for 1 set. Kegel


I’m interested in a pair (1 set) for adapters for direct drives.


If you do TD drives I have two drives coming also I’m in for kegel or a siesmic only. if you decide to do them I’m totally in…as of speeddrive I have the original abec so I’m ok… basically I want Seismic speed vent or kegel one set for speeddrive and two sets for the torque drive…cheers looks like a hit you got going on


I’d be interested in a set.


Hi, I dont have these drives sorry


@Dasnewten can you get the exact measurements from your TD drive for @PXSS to get a proper sizing and the measurements of the mounting holes so we can make TD adapters as well as I don’t have mine yet and who know when they actually get sent out


I also want better abec adapters for the speed drive. 1 set.


Doh! I just got it locked down again! But in the interest of us getting some adapters that fit, I think its worth taking it back off.


Awe shit that sucks. But It sure is worth it If you can. Then try and send the dimensions to @PXSS
And then maybe @caustin you have some TD drives correct? And how about some adapters for you and maybe you can be generous to share the dimensions with us


Pulled it off really quick.

I forgot to take a pic, but the main disc is about 3mm thick


I need to get me one of them. Checking ali now. A good precise one is hella expensive though.


Yeah that one is a Mitutoyo


On second thought there is no point to buy a cheap caliper. If it ain’t precise it’s not worth it with these margins. Might as well use a ruler then.


I want to order a set for the XL and a set for the TD. They look awesome:)


No. :smile:
Just get non digital Mitutoyo, not that expensive and very good. You get sub 0,1mm precision easy.


Yes! One set for me.