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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



There are a few people still missing the survey.
I’m getting the updated quote on Monday. If no new orders come in, I will start collecting payments so we can get a faster turn around.

Please fill out my survey above^^^
@DilatedPupils @Cisphyx @mnavarrom, and @sandervandenhurk


Is this a one time thing? I’m waiting on torquedrives from the latest group buy and don’t really want to buy a second set until I get them


Maybe. I may buy a second batch of abec11 adapters later on but prices will definitely be higher as we are getting a really good deal by buying so many. I don’t think we’ll be able to round up this many people next time. I also don’t intend to buy any more carvon dds myself so I won’t have a need for any more adapters personally.

The next batch is kegel, and then the third batch will be seismic speed vents for frenchy.

If the demand is there, I won’t ignore it. I just don’t think we will get prices this good.


I’ve got two drives from that group buy also …when and if we get them I’ll at least have a multiple set of wheel adapter to chose from you can always try and sell them later on here but for the prices you can’t go wrong if we get enough ppl on it.


I’m waiting on the TD groupbuy, too… but I also have an exo pro (pre- psychotiller battery/enclosure :roll_eyes:) and the drives definitely need and deserve a proper adapter for ABEC11s at the very least - that’s why I’m going in for two sets :slight_smile:

One day @LEVer will deliver those drives :pray:


I’m feeling the same way i have a speeddrive now and two TD drive coming SOON I HOPE… So three drives as of but I’ll be buying like 4or 5 sets two kegel two seismic and one of these abec even tho I have the original abec and his newer fancy protection abec clone adapter also but that’s just for the speeddrive and speeddrive xl. The new one will work on all three drives sweet shit right there. So to have a variety of wheels to choose from and if I decide to find another speeddrive I can do a 4wd with it and still have the choice to what wheels I feel like that day …


Why the elongated screw holes, to accommodate different drives?
Why not like so:


I even ran 90mm on my torque drives. Went back to 97mm because my new flowertray enclosure was hitting the speedbumps too much.
They still do now with 97mm but at least it doesn’t dead stop anymore.


Correct. The same adapter fits all the carvon drives. The hole pattern is different on the TD and the SD


Ah fuck it add me in for another set then, should I fill out the form a second time? Thanks again for setting all this up!


You can update your answers.


Reminder to anyone who wants in on the Abec11 Flywheel adapters to fill out the survey and send me a PM immediately!



Last chance for anyone to jump on the ABEC11 Flywheel adapters train! Orders going in a few hours! If you do want to join in, $60 a pair of adapters, PM me an email address for me to send the invoice.

For all of you waiting on Kegel version.
I have a set of wheels coming my way and probably will have something to manufacture next week!

Official Carvon v4 Group Buy (COMPLETED) thank you!

What’s the diff between your abec adapter and the abec adapter that Jerry ships?


Fits clones and abecs, without need of heatshrink lol


oh, my abecs didn’t need the heatshrink, does that mean I’m cool? lol


Yeah you dont need this then I guess. I guess you have the old adapter. Whoever makes these drives cheaped out and thought that having new one adapter and heatshrinks will solve things. When they could have designed it correctly like pxss did


Here is a video that was sent to me.
If your drives dont have this issue, you don’t need the adapter. The adapter I designed, fits real abecs snug so won’t have this issue.

@Mikenopolis said his fit tight initially but became loose as the prongs sharpness wore out the wheel core. This was addressed in my design by chamfering the edges of the prongs but by also making them a lot longer. The prongs are the length of the core so the wheels ride completely on the smooth sides and not on any edges.

The adapters fit all three drives so you don’t have to get new adapters if you switch from SD to TD.

My adapters will also fit 36T+ pulleys that I’m designing so you don’t have to wait until you get the drives to put them to use.



This is also great news. what other gears are you planning to make? any smaller like 30t or 32t for the smaller wheel applications


I’ll check how small I can go but I think 36 was right on the edge because of the diameter of the hole pattern. Any smaller pattern would make the screw heads interfere with the prongs.