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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



I just put these things together this morning. No belt yet. But it’s heavy as hell already might need to to the six shooter route sooner than later


so fresh and so clean :wink:


Yeah, the airless wheels alone wight twice as much as 6 shooters in total weigh. I’m kind of over the airless thing, I’ve got a couple of sets Im probably going to sell soon.


I fully understand where you are coming from. But from a long time trick pushing street skater and DH skater for 24 years which I have some friends that made it pretty far now one ride for landyatchz…I just find the big wheels outta place for me unless your ridding volcano roads lol…I do have some and they roll over everything not gonna argue that. But they feel like bouncy balls the black 74a reflys in the fall and spring and in the summer they seem to sound like they are melting and so much more roll resistance then otang or seismic …now these are smaller wheels so tough to actually compare. but from what I’ve experienced in bigger wheels from trick to DH which was huge sizing difference they are harder to push but they roll forever and don’t slow down until I’m going up hill or put my foot down…a thing I find is that on a flat perfect road or trail the wheels wobble a bit which then get onto play with these massive trucks 11inch wide and then the violent speed wobble occur which why real precision truck for DH have gone much smaller which will make it easier to gain control when in that wonderful high speed wobble occurs… grab a carve to pull you out. Anyways I just find the really good skate stuff ppl here are blind to I think…I have to say that abec now caters to the eskate world not where he originally came from the DH and slolom racing this is why he has the massive wheels now…my friends that know him which some of them use to be sponsered by him… he had amazing stuff in the day I just find now and so do my friends that it’s not so balenced and it very heavy thane he is using now. the china clones are identical I’d say. I have red 97 too I cant tell the difference both wobble at high speeds smooth slow… I have green 83 abecs that don’t wobble but I swear are heavier then my 85 otang and then 85 Seismics are even lighter then both I have to get my old weed scale out to see but I swear I can feel it… anyways not trying to offend any one. Its just personal preference and from what I know and have had.ill be buying ollin boards Cronin set up with his popcas for sure to try out. That is a sick set up this spring hopefully I have subsonic still wanting to work with me to build a custom eskate deck with the spirit. Gonna be pricey build but


So I did a bit of machine shop searching today. Some of them were quoting really high stupid prices. We’re talking $300 a set. I finally found a place that I trust and will get them done for the following prices:

5 sets: $144.31 ea
10 sets: $116.58 ea
15 sets: $111.40 ea
20 sets: $105.87 ea
25 sets: $102.62 ea
(A set means 2 adapters for a dual drive setup)

If I simplify the parts to something more like what comes originally with the drives we get the following:

5 sets: $130.62 ea
10 sets: $106.86 ea
15 sets: $103.69 ea
20 sets: $99.35 ea
25 sets: $96.40 ea

Here are the two designs side by side:

@Frenchy: a single set runs at $248 and $265 for the simplified and full version respectively, if you really wanted to get a set for the Seismic wheels.

I think we should aim at a minimum of 10 sets to keep the costs lower. Turn around time on these parts is 10 days from the day of ordering.

I will contact another shop that usually gives me really good prices on bulk quantities but they usually take a month to turn around things since they are pretty busy all the time.

These prices would be for the adapter only… I still need to find a place to do the motor shields (for the parts where the PU sleeve doesn’t cover). If I’m not mistaken only the XLs have a partial shield and even then not everyone has them. I’m hoping these will be relatively cheap to manufacture.


I think I found ashop overseas that will do them alot cheaper. Will keep you guys posted.

If we get to 20 sets, prices could be as low as $60 a set. I think I found the place!

Edit: here is the quote!
Lead time 2-3weeks

10 sets at $81
15 sets at $73
20 sets at $64
25 sets at $59.5

I think were making a move in the right direction


Great find, I am in for 4 sets of wherever you land. Thx.


Ok so for the seismic adapter it will be somwhere at the 245 to 260 USA dollars for it to be designed and made?. I’m guessing the better prices are just for the abec adapters only correct…


I didnt get a quote for 2 pieces from the overseas shop but I think they’re going to be cheaper than what I said originally. Otherwise, I could crank some out myself.


@PXSS Well I’m in for sure I want some slidding wheels Let me know what you can come up with I’m totally in. Thank you for helping big time


I still want to do one last rev so its a perfect slip fit but here are some pictures of the PLA adapter!

Carvon loose adapter :frowning:

New adapter! :slight_smile:


Picture is worth a thousand words. I’m down for a set!


2 sets please


I got the following people down:
caustin - 4 sets
Mikenopolis - 1 set
Blacksheep - 2 sets
PXSS - 1 set
Jumpman - 1 set
Mikenyc - 1 set
@kylem21 - 1 set
@deucesdown - X sets ???

Total: 11 sets

@Dasnewten, @moon, @dspx, @trancejunkiexxl, @mikenyc, @mutantbass, @CamBo - do you guys want in? The more sets we order the cheaper, they get.

@mmaner, do you mind sending me the diameter of the hole pattern in the TDs? I wonder if I can kill 3 birds with 1 stone.


I’d like a set.


I would but I don’t have them at the moment. I should have them back early next week.


Yeah I’d be interested in a torque drive adapter kegel and flywheel style.


These are for XL’s right?


Should fit both xl and r


in for 1 set

Edit (kegal)