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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Coolio, I was wanting to try out the 77a Cuagamas but didn’t know quite how little room would be left between the road and the cans. Looks like I’ll give it a go then!


I’d say these are 63mm the adapter is 59mm so with can 63 then with the pu sleeve close to that 70mm
83 clone and the 85 speed vent


ya thats way above what im running on 12s4p. make sure you glue those can bus when you do get sorted.
so you prefer the lipo?


Wow, that is way smaller than the TD adapter, it’s about 72mm.


High performance Lipo all the way. Then you can set the breaks up good and strong the battery can handle a 25 to 30amp charge if I want to really fast charge i can. but for Regen its amazing it really charges the pack when breaking with setting up high and breaks are even better now I find… torque,breaks and the power off the line is all there now it was lil weak before never botherd me as I’m use to no motors and other then the mid power band was always there but it’s actually mind blowing how much better it feels with real power there at all times right to 40 35%. No sag 0.2v on flats full out…and .5v to 1v when battery is about 40%. It climbs up 15%incline gaining speed hard I can only get it to 55kmh before I back off. I have to try new bushing set up…or really tuck it …but there is alot of throttle left its still touchy at those speed it just want to GO fast and I don’t have the balls yet…


the 850 pro EVOs were indestructable for me, I know its a few gens behind but if you need something rock solid :smile::man_shrugging:


Finally got some CAD done last night. Will run a few 3D prints with different clearances to see which fits best and then report back.



Does someone have extra spacers for the speed r?


Mount went on really tight so I need to increase some clearances…
Will have another working prototype in the morning.
I will be starting a thread for those interested in the adapters.


Seriously Interested in a seismic speed vent big time.I’ll send you money for the adapter to be made and to buy the wheels for moking up and fitting and for your time …


Lets talk after I get the first batch out.
You pay for the costs and I’ll throw in my time. I actually enjoy doing this lol.


Do I see PXSS branded DD in the future? :wink:


Sounds good to me I’m ready when you are. :+1: trust me the weight difference in wheels is huge and quality never mind we can get different thane mixes slidding thane…grippy race thane… cruising slolom thane then you get harfang and seismic colab editions … rain treads … off road treads… Roman candles …com Mon who doesn’t want to throw Sparks down the road…its proven to be the fastest wheel in the world… Abec isn’t on top as they were a decade ago


It already exists. But it is wayyy expensive. We’re talking about $400 motors… plus all custom parts


i was about to say 400 aint bad :yum:


Need shiney pr0n.


I wanna we these too :thinking:


i’m just gonna say this…

There is not a better wheel for esk8 than ABEC SuperFly’s. I think Popoca’s are just as good, but only available in 1 size and 90mm isn’t great for asphalt that looks like a volcano flow.


I agree 100%. I used to ride clones and was perfectly happy with them, then I got a deal on ugly green wheels and never went back to anything but Abec11s


same and then i got 6 shooters… life forever changed. even with a nail in the tire still didnt pop!! :muscle: