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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Dam i was on work seing this yesterday, i put them in the checkout but when i got home to buy them it have logged out and they where sold. Would be so cool with a 4wd of them both… hopefully they will be more on sale…


Yeah these fly off the shelves likely due to the updates to address the heating of the previous version. I think there are alot of others who are also waiting to build 4WDs on these. I’m guessing the availability was from the new parts jerry received so there was a sudden stock of drives so hopefully that means his supply of parts is moving more now allowing drives to get built faster. But thats what i think and your guess is as good as mine lol


Anyone have experience changing bearings on their speed drives? My one motor is very hard to turn, with a lot of resistance. Hoping it is simply a bad bearing but can’t be sure. What can be done to service these drives? I’ve received zero response from Carvon regarding the issue.


I don’t think that is likely to happen. @LEVer (Jerry) mentioned the other day that they will no longer be selling individual drives, just completes, so unless you can talk with him personally, and state your case, you might have to search for drives from others who are tired of waiting and are selling their spots. Worth a try at least if that’s your goal :slight_smile:


@mackann or wait for @LEVer to sell the drives as kits that you assemble if thats something He still intends to push through with :grin:


Lol, that makes no sense to buy it as a kit through him. Here’s the kit. Get the drives from Carvon. A LY Evo, enclosure from @Eboosted, if 2WD get front trucks from Surf Rodz and some ABEC 11 in 97mm or 107mm, get a 12s3p for 2WD and 12s5p for 4WD, the exact type of VESC I am unsure what it is, but I’d say either get a few FOCBOX’s, or ESCape’s, or the FS-ESC-6-6, bestech BMS, and you have the EXACT kit, probably for many hundreds less too :wink:


I think he was planning on selling kits of just the drives.


This was actually what I was getting at lol. @LEVer mentioned a few months ago that the drives would be sold as kits instead of being shipped assembled :smile:


Haha, oh, lol that’s hilarious :smile:


How many amps can I safely put through the v4 speeddrives? I did the math and at 2500w/44V = 56A, which doesn’t seem very high at all. I have also seen somewhere in this thread they’re safe up to 100A?

What do you have max motor amps set to for your setup?


I have mine on 80A/-120A (Motor Max/Min). Derek use to put his on 120A and had no problem with them. I actually notice very little difference once you go past 65A.


I would agree with @LEVer on vesc settings. I use metr Pro ble module and metr perimetr apps to adjust V4 motor amp limits on the fly. For my purposes I settled on 100A/-100A motor max/min nut don’t see much performance difference past 60A and none past 80A. Not sure everyone would actually pull that much motor current even on a spike anyway.


Has anybody tried to drive the V4 Torque Drive on 12S?


just wanted to ask the same question :wink:
has anyone some specs with that setup?


Yeah there is a guy.


10s is recommended highest voltage for the v4torquedrive by carvon …your gonna be very close to the erpm limit at 12s …that guy had some heat issues at 12 but he seem to be running it fine but warm… torquedrive is ment for torque climbing hills not speed…if you want to get more speed try a larger tire 107 mm abec or 110mm boa. but lose torque for exchange…if you want speed get the v4speeddrives


12S8P. V4SD AWD!!

Just test fitting for now. Got all of the P groups in the battery welded together. Deciding if I want to weld them into 2 6S batteries, or if I should leave them separate and connect them in series with some HXT connectors. I don’t plan on using a BMS on this build. New balance charger gets delivered tomorrow.

Should I make a build thread for this thing?


Oo shit this is reall interesting to see is that a trumpa street Carver deck?sorry not familiar …please start a thread…need more pics …:heart_eyes:
Are you using a lipo? or a custom li-ion set up even more interesting and what is the plan for hooking all the vesc split y or canbus?. a bluetooth to monitor and play with settings …I’m gonna be building a carvon 4wd soon too …that thing looks so tough as fuck and clean nothing hanging off of it … love it…


If I open up one of my speeddrive v4’s will I need a press to put it back together? One of them makes a noise.


The solution from @LEVer who got it from someone else is to put heatshrink on the prongs if you have the mbs/clone adaptor for the torquedrives. This does not work for me.
They always let go and then I do them again and after one ride they let go again.
I just want some good abec 11 flywheel adaptors for these drives. You know ones that fit and don’t kill the core.