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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Thats the old if it’s too hot to touch for more than a moment, it’s too hot


I have been testing, the asphalt temps are way to high for riding atm in cali during the day freaking 106 degree fakkkk


Contact Kyle if you want to buy this from him

Soooo. Kyle @kylem21 wants to back out of the V4 I sold and shipped to him a day after I shipped it out, I basically said no because it’s already out of my hands and told him to sell it. It’s currently on it’s way to him from CA to RI. It should be in his hands by Tuesday July 31st 2018

This is the video I recorded when I took it off the Raptor, the split in the urethane sleeve shown is cosmetic and the entire sleeve is just glued down according to Jerry.

(from my original post)
-CarvOn V4 SD (with urethane sleeve) - roughly 60 miles on them. Sensor wires are extended by soldering (as opposed to using an extension). Phase wires are 5.5mm because the VescX I use had that size connector. It’s been running smooth and quiet in FOC.

I’ve included six adapters I made that converts the 5.5mm bullets to 3.5mm bullets that are on the FocBoxes. This board has been through two rides from my house to the office (11 miles each) and two group rides (10 miles each) and then a bunch of up and down the block testing which is why I know how many miles they’ve been used. It’s only been on dry smooth bike lanes.

This was originally posted here and Kyle’s $650 offer made me parted it out:

Carvon speeddrive r WTS (sold)

I figure I’d see it in this thread if someone knew but is 10s in fact the issue causing high temperatures for the v4’s? I ask because I have a 10s pack and still need to save up for 12s.


Well you could always buy this one :wink:


Saturn_Corp - I actually asked this same question earlier. The answer I got is the 12s would alleviate the issue and there is also the possibility that the sleeves over the motors might be holding the heat in.


10 char


no cooler motors with higher voltage possible. on power lines and battery cables yes and higher voltage is more efficient but the esc converts it to the amps it needs regardless of the voltage. @Saturn_Corp


Looks like an updated V4 SDR is available for purchase(2 sets) on the carvon site. If you’re interested you might wanna check them out quick :laughing: oh and theyre slightly cheaper as well


It looks like they just cut off the urethane sleeve.


Must resist… hold out for the td. Hold out for the td…


LOL I know the wait is real difficult. Not sure if I wanna hold on for TD DDs or go for fatboy gear drives for the highest torque possible. I’m abit concerned about the amount of torque DDs can put out now and thats certainly important for me


Ya im 280lbs i need some torque.


You may wanna consider gear drives as well as I’ve read that the SDRs have had kinda weak brakes. I’m on the heavier side as well and I wanna be confident about braking without having to worry too much on the allowance needed to get to a full stop safely especially when I gotta do a split second brake for whatever reason


Just picked up a carvon torque drive. woooohooooo

I already have a koowheel gen2 ‘kooboard’ and its been rock solid for me and my plan is to just mount the carvon straight on the the kooboard as it uses the same connector and motor.

the question I have is whether to go genuine abec 97mm or 107mm.

Do you think i will loose a lot of torque and braking power by going 107?

I weight 75 kilos with a backpack for reference



Lol I just checked out their site and its back in stock. Nice!

Not sure how much torque and braking power you will lose when going 107mms on a 2wd as those whees are recommended for 4wd builds


I know. I am very happy with the performance of my 97mm hubs but the only reason i got direct drive was to get a plush genuine abec 11 ride so why not go 107mm when i can :slight_smile: I think me being 75 kilos might let me get away with it.
decisions decisions


Let us know how it goes if you do try it out! Wanna know how far you can take the TD’s especially when going up hill on 107s. I sadly may give up on going for DD and switch over to gear for the torque as DD would usually need an AWD to apply good enough torque for pneumatics which is what I want :sweat_smile:


If anyone is looking for a quality front truck…


And thank you for getting me the sale.