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Carvon Direct Drive Tuners Thread - Share your tips, tricks & recommendations



Its because they didn’t design it properly, you can make a pulley that fits both I am pretty sure (no heatshrink)


Adhesive heatshrink?


yeah that’s the one with 3:1 ratio


Yup, something like marine grade 3:1 with adhesive walls. I’ve been using that without fail :confused:


Do you reach 50kph plus speeds?
This is my ride today on them and so was the photo.


This happened to me too, I ended up redoing it 3 times even with marine grade with adhesive heatshrink and finally I roughed up the tines a little to try and keep it from “walking” back off. It seems to be holding now. Thing is it is not a symmetrically a larger opening on the abec 11’s. there is more gap in the inner section where the tabs are and less on the outer curved part. The tabs on the inner opening also tend to want to cut the heatshrink unless you really hold it to the corresponding cutout while it is still hot.


Anyone run SDR with 13s just curious?


Looks like my right side had the heat shrink back off again, its getting kinda annoying. I do about 7-10 miles a day. I am with @sayekim, I am getting to the point where I am willing to pay someone for real abec11 or Kegel type adapter. I would ask Jerry but he is buried just getting the exo, evo, etc… out.


Speed or torque drive?
What do you mean they let go? do they come through the holes and fall off?

Never had problem with mine. Used basic cheapo heatshrink. no adhesive or anything.

I made a video here and its been good for the past 2 months


You are fortunate, I have had to redo it a bunch. I have a ton of heat shrink at work and am pretty familiar with its application, I am not saying it could not be user error, but I kinda doubt it at this point. To be fair the board does get ridden hard, my commute is nearly full speed the whole way with a couple long sweeping turns. Lots of bumps and cracks and some heavy breaking points.


hey @mikenyc hows ur sdr4wd doing. are u going higher than 30amp battery… ive kinda stayed there and not adjusted things. hitting ~40mph is pretty easy. dont have any data just got @thisguyhere to send me a new hm10. i just realized im using half the p groups u are, interested in how to tune it better =)


I haven’t had much time to ride. busy with work (real work), and now it’s getting cold :frowning:


Damn dude sorry to hear it. My position was just cut cuz the season slowed down. It’s chill though id rather ride and sleep in anyways :rofl:


My shrink never came loose. But the edges did get cut from the adapter. No rattling though. It has to be you riding it hard vs my chilling cruising rides.

@mikenyc that sucks. California winter is my riding season. Helmet and summer just don’t work well

Lastly. This is off topic, but I just got an update from the Backfire Ranger X1 I backed on Indigogo. Now these guys may make some questionable boards in the past, but they sure know how to give proper updates.


Damn 25% that’s a big hike


Certainly not helping small American businesses


Hey, got a decent ride in yesterday.

My settings are as follows:

100A/-100A on battery current


60/-40 on motor current on all 4 focboxes.

Control is Current No Reverse With Brake

Battery is a 12S8P with Samsung 30Q cells. Top mounted with no BMS. It’s actually 2 6S batteries connected in series. This way I can use a 2 channel smart charger to charge both batteries at the same time.

I’m using a gt2b with the mad monkey mod by @FLATLINEcustoms. Highly recommended with a build like this. Need the longer throw, Nano style remotes aren’t granular enough for the power output.


So, I did not have this issue until I tried a certain combination of bearings, spacers and wheels for some reason. When you bolt everything down tightly, and even with heatshrink applied to prongs you are able to hold the XL can in one hand and the wheel in the other and still wobble it back and forth loosely in hands. Not the greatest solution, but I used a slightly shorter spacer INSIDE the wheel which allowed the wheel core itself to press against the XL lightly enough to hold it from wobbling but not create drag etc. Blasphemy some would say, but it solved the prong fit issue enough (by shifting the problem elsewhere lol) for me.


So rode home little while ago, took my headphones out and well this noise got my attention. :neutral_face:


I get my XLs on Monday. I already have adapters made for my own DD that fit my Abec 11 perfectly. I should be able to modify the cad easily to fit the XL motors.

If there is enough demand, I can get them sent out to a machine shop.