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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8


That board is cute AF :heart_eyes:


not sure why but this thread makes me think we might see ek8-date.com soon lol


That’s what my wife calls my group rides, demonstrations to non esk8 friends and meet ups :smiley:

Which is obviously a flawed use of the word “date” because no one gets sucked off on our group rides, no matter how much I offer.


My wife totally supports my hobby/midlife crises, says its better this than something else. She turns a blind eye to the cost, I haven’t done full disclosure but she knows it’s more than $3k for my first build.

I’m 40 by the way, and back on a skateboard. People at work either think I’m crazy or awesome for doing it. So what though, I enjoy it, my wife supports it, and my kids (5 and 1) can’t keep off it.


You crack me the fuck up!


We should arrange a “date”, know what I mean? :kissing_closed_eyes:


Anytime man, anytime. Where are you?


Haha, I live in England. I’m supposed to be in SF right now but my trip got postponed until May next year. I’m in NY in Jan with a week to kill.

Other than that I was around when MSN chat, Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies were in full swing, I can cyber you so hard you’ll forget how your wife smells.


your link is not working :rofl::joy::rofl:


I’m single haha, nobody to complain I spend my entire pay towards whatever hobby it is this year I’m into (I have a custom Grom somewhere too… have not seen it this year as someone is building a 35hp engine for it)

I must say, of all the moving hobbies I had (vw corrado widebody custom crap, vw passat syncro g60 complete rebuild, couple of bikes) I like eskating the most! (although I hate the chinese quality bolts and the fact that most stuff is “cheap cheap cheap” while I want quality (heyhey I’m single, I dont give a rats ass about moneyzz) )


Dropping heavy hints for my wife to get me my new deck, trucks, hubs, wheels, etc for Christmas. If you all want to send her some vibes this is the only acceptable time to do so.


Are PayPal gift certificates a thing?


I asked the same question this morning. Then it turned into “if PayPal can link to your bank account, it would just be a pending money transfer.” It would by mighty helpful this christ-- err holiday season.


On my side I’m lucky to have a supporting wife. She knows how to drive me up my ambitions and also is very forgiving with this hobby. My lady knows where my pasisons lie and won’t stop me, instead she helped me many time on focusing to get closer and closer to my goals.

Find a wife able to make you keep growing, others can’t be more than fun & joke !


I still live with my parents. My hole sleeping room is esk8 stuff… I use the garage for working on the boards itself. At this moment I have laying around stuff for building 8 boards :sweat_smile:

I will try to use all those parts and decks in this 2months. My dad is always angry because all those parts are laying arround.

And then I don’t have talked about my Chinese packages :joy: my postman know my name very good. (Pictures for last week :slight_smile: )


I don’t live with anyone other than my room mates so I really just keep all my eskate stuff in my room (running out of space real quick) but the fam has been supportive albeit a bit concerned for my safety. Not surprising since I’ve hurt myself quite a bit lately.

My parents definitely don’t know how much money I’ve been putting into this, nor have they heard about my close calls with idiot drivers. I intend to keep it that way.

On the other hand my friends call me an uncool nerd who should have spent money on a safer car instead. I don’t believe in getting a newer car would be a good decision financially and honestly don’t think combustion vehicles should be around much longer considering the amount of damage they have done to our environment and all the fees involved.

My boss isn’t a fan, so I no longer ride to work unfortunately.

I imagine as long as I come home with my remaining leg intact nobody will have an issue with it.


Man, if your friends think you are a nerd for this, you need new friends.

All my friends want me to build shit for them and I am just sending them parts lists to order from all the greats.


Pretty sure my long term relationship, has just pretty much ended… :anguished: word of advice, find some balance.


We need to make some trading cards for some of the legends here cough cough @idea @psychotiller @onloop just to namedrop a few of my faves


There’s room on my couch if you need, but not my workbench. Good luck