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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8



“Not lying” means not telling an untruth. If she asks, tell her. But don’t volunteer information. :smirk:


Also when she asks where something came from.
I don’t say I ordered it from psychotiller or I ordered it from torqboard.
I just say " oh Dave sent that to me because blah blah blah"
I don’t make it sound like a purchase lol


so much of my things comming from china…
all arrive in the same post office as the expensive parts i order from somewhere else…
i usually even don´t get a question, just a…
“what the heck cheap shit you agian ordered from china?!?”
…i´m fine with that :joy:


I need to borrow this line


Haha that is exactly like my life is atm.
But my wife actually think it’s fun to eskate.

But she would kill me for sure if she finds out how mutch money I spent on this :sweat_smile:


My mom: “Son, you take over half the basement, the garage and the shared apartment upstairs (with my younger brother) with your inventions and ideas. I think as you take up so much space you should pay a bit more than usual.”

^ As soon this came up I repaired various things and made a few gifts to make the “extra rent thing topic” become silent. :sweat_smile:


My mrs says im having a mid life crisis (at 33!) but at the same time she is really scared about me seriously hurting/killing myself. At the same time she says she would love to come out on some cruises with me so I think im going to build her an electric bike


Or an electric scooter :thinking:


I really want to build an electric bike though :sweat_smile:

Thought about getting one of those super girly ones with the basket on the front so it can house the battery


my girl don´t give me to power her scooter up…:disappointed_relieved:
and also not to buy an e-scooter for her…
means when we out together i have an endless range with my board as the average speed is about 8km/h :joy:


Or even less of she stops for pictures


We tried this with my mrs on her bike and I was riding so slow I got bored and vowed never to do that again


For me the guilt doesn’t come from outright spend. If you can afford what you are buying and don’t compromise your lifestyle or the quality of life of yourself or your family then have at it.

The guilt comes from expenditure vs actual use. I have two tiny people living in my house and for better or worse they take up a good 80% of my free time, the other 20 seems to be predominantly cleaning and administration.

My esk8 spend in the last 10ish months is scary high, I’ve had a couple of production boards I lost money on, loooooooads of spare parts here that didn’t fit on builds or I tried and didn’t like, a few issues with vendors and people that put everything on hold for months.

For the time I’ve actually had to get on my board(s) and ride I’m probably nearing £250 per hour of ride time.


yeah but you do what makes you happy and that is important. We are not here for a long time and we should be able to look back and think… yeah that was awesome.


I am kinda lucky and not (single) :smiley: My coworkers are sometimes concerned with what I am building as I am the only person getting around 10 packages per day on average :smiley:

Also just a month ago got roommate who is perfectly happy with my workshop in living room :smiley: Also now have more budget :smiley:


I felt the same until I realized that building is where most of the fun for me is. With that mindset I don’t really bother about the 250€/ride hour but think about the countless hours of fun I had researching and building etc. In the end all the esk8 stuff you can buy will probably still be cheaper than your neighbor’s car stereo upgrade - so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Its not about riding mate. Don’t you realise that yet? Its about building something to ride.


My gf just opted in:


Super funky


That’s a good looking little board