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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8


If you are Having gf problem, I feel sorry for you son, I got 99 diy esk8 problems and… well, um, you know, these folks ain’t one.

Lotta posts about part/vendor/programming problems, here’s a post about people problems. The struggle is real, stay single or find a flexible mate.



Sent to a tinder number accidentally. She missed out on a sick build chat.


Tinderella turned toad.


You have no idea how single mindedly I can carry on. :zap:️:zap:️:zap:️:smiling_imp::rocket:


My partner hates it… alot. And now she discovered my credit card :fireworks::fireworks:


Dude you are so funny. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

To be fair, whatever it is, any prospective wife, gf, bf, etc should not know that it is an obsession until after like 2-3 years of dating/relationship. You may casually mention it as a hobby but avoit to giving a lecture on the specifics of your beloved engineered piece of happiness on wheels.


Yeah my ladies not into it.



i think your level of obsession is probably higher than most.

but my gf is pretty chill about it, ever since build #1, that one taking months and pretty much dominating our dining table.

then moving to a tiny apartment, kept building and making a mess everywhere. granted, i made sure to clean up regularly and keep things tidy.

now we’re sharing a 2bd apartment and the “office” is pretty much my esk8 workshop. i do pay extra for the space though.

through all that, she’s been pretty chill and even supportive, i’d say. she has no interest in joining me or learning to ride a longboard but that may be a blessing in disguise :wink:


Let’s get some Silicon Valley type person to make an app called… grind… nope, taken,… SHREDDER! … Shrdr , yes, perfect. For those who want to meet those who shred: “SHRDR” . Fuck yes. I’ll give this idea up in exchange for one internet plz.


Mine was pretty supportive and even mildly interested in skating until I fell and broke my collerbone. Now she would be horrified if I ever tell her I am skating.


But moderation gets you a BoostedBoard or an evolve board. They are great if you are cool with mediocrity


Such negativity! Everybody at my high school thinks I’m an esk8 god! I ride mine to school, and people love to try riding it, and I sold a custom one to my geometry teacher and now he rides it to school too :joy:


:joy: I just had a talk with the sister in law. The wife is perfectly happy with my HOBBY. She (in-law) thinks I’m being immature and going through mid life crisis. And spending WAY TOO much because she uses my amazon account and sees my spending on the following. Imagine marrying someone like that and she sees my shelf with three new decks, 6 new motors, CarvOn SDR, mounts, 4 Focboxes, etc. this is all just for future proofing. She saw the cheap stuff and thought this was a problem…BTW she wears all those Pardo, LouisVitun, Goochi, etc :joy: her damn bracelet is $17,000. And I’m the one with a problem :man_facepalming:


Because the grown ups are into minoxidil, 401ks, , and fig newtons. You are lucky.


Baby is awake= esk8 stuff is to loud to mess with
Baby asleep = spend time with us not the skateboard.

So i wait till all are asleep. Heaven help me if she wakes up in the middle of nigh and i have esk8 everywhere.
Her “so you’re not coming to bed anytime soon?”
Me “yeah im almost done”
Her :roll_eyes:


Alexa might think you and I are twins.


U said the H word b264 inbound!


Lol. That’s the point :wink:. I have an income where many drives a European Luxury car but I insist on a truck. Just makes sense since the HOBBY vehicle can get the job done


I admit I make frequent trips to the store just so I can ride. Frozen goods get a little warm in my pack🤣


This is true, Even with the top down, Ze Gemans don’t get the adrenaline pumping like esk8