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About girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and esk8


I work out of the back of my SUV at the park with an inverter :rofl: always adapt overcome and improvise


Great thread. My missus has no idea how many (extra) holidays she could have been on if it weren’t for my hobbies. Thing is, it’s all good because I only ‘skim’ and as a result everything stays neatly under the radar.

Having your own business and a company credit card and PayPal account helps though… :joy:

How much does hair/nails/clothes/make-up cost again ?? I don’t spend anything on that lot (personally) so I sleep easy.


Haha it’s ok. They’re nerds too, just in different ways.

I really wish they’d see the light though. Seems like nowadays they’re all into Volvos and old Mercs, honestly I’m a bit disgusted. I let one try out my Wowgo and he immediately fell and tore up his palm. Negative experiences don’t help I guess.


I live in suburbia right next to a beautiful park/lake. I’m younger than all the other dads around me and no one seems cool enough to even ask to try my board out. Just saw a family that moved here from Cali the other day. Dad rolled by on a well worn longboard. Thinking of bringing him some brownies and making friends :wink:





I’ve always been building something. Right before Esk8 it was creating watch faces for Android wear then it was a GameBoy, before that is was an arcade cabinet. I think that helps with the understanding


<— arcade cab <3


Its like I’m a shark, but a diy shark. If I’m not trying to do it myself, I die and drown in corporate half-ass bullshit.


In a van down by the river!!! Best snl episode ever.


I’m a lucky bastard. My wife and I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” spending policy on our personal accounts. I’ve made esk8 a family affair, she rides the LaCriox board and loves it. We ride to restaurants or my daughter’s soccer games nearly every weekend. She does make fun of my esk8 obsession though, especially the group rides.


Where in NY? Come join the NYCeboarding group


what is wrong with yall…
my mom knows my board can get into the low 30s (she’s filmed me from her car)
and i had to build a board for my girl because she loves riding so much


My wife doesn’t mind.
Came home one day after a bad crash.
Walked into the kitchen. Wanted to hug her, but saw blood dripping on the floor. Told her something was wrong, she looked at my arm and turned white. Big black gaping hole in my elbow. Drove home on adrenaline, didn’t feel much pain.

Went to the ER.
Hospitalized for 2 weeks. She visited me daily. All good now for some time. She let’s me continue boarding, cause she sees how much joy it brings. She bought an e-bike and we go on trips together through the hills. Perfect weekends.

I’ll continue as long as my body doesn’t give up. She did stop me from buying bigger/faster motors though :stuck_out_tongue:


My entire family sees the sport as an unnecessary risk that a 30+ year old man should not be taking


Just realized this forum has been in a need for a thread like this :joy:


My friends didn’t give a shit about the whole thing.

My mom thought I would die and she was almost right after I broke my jaw in 3 places last year after the grand ol esk8 accident.


Damn dude what made you fall


There was a snake on the road and I didn’t see it til it was too late. I bailed and it didn’t go well. It was big enough where it would of jammed my 83mm clones.



These guys get it. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

I feel really bad for anyone here that’s not with somebody who gets it, and worse for anyone with a toxic, controlling partner making “comments” all the time. You deserve better.