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[WTB] Complete Eboard or drivetrain parts


Hey guys :slight_smile:
I’m looking to buy a used/second hand eboard setup, either a complete board or a complete drive train (esc, motors, trucks and maybe battery) or even just parts for the drivetrain.

Send me a PM or comment on the thread below, please include pictures :slight_smile:


Where are you located? I’m thinking of selling my benchwheel e-board to fund my current build.


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Australia, so US shipping might be a bit excessive for a whole board.


aliendrivesystems.com has a board for sale, it is a urban setup however.
Look him up on FB here : https://www.facebook.com/AlienDriveSystems/?fref=ts
Tell him i send you


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The one on FB? It’s sold unfortunately and not really what i’m looking for



Yea, saw that.
Looking for an on-road setup thou :smile:
Thanks anyway!


you want a ready~to~ride ?
or piece~it~together DIY ?
i can send you one complete from singapore .
so close to Australia :smile: . almost the same rate exchange in currencies :moneybag: .

complete RTR ones may cost $1500 AUS plus shipping .
naaah , i think you just get it cheaper from Australia . better for you .


Not looking for something new, looking for something used that is in the lower end of the price range.


make a diy one man from new and used parts?


I’m happy to do that, just looking to save some money using second hand parts :slight_smile:


I WTB too, pm me I am in bay area california