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[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8


Do you actually have 5in pnumstic wheels?


But we can make 5 inch in production if you want more 300pcs.:blush:


Hi. We now only have 8 inch in stock. Size is 200mmX50mm. Is it suitable for you?:blush:


No, many of us are looking for 5x2 onumatic wheels. If you can do a smaller MOQ and send ouy some samples to a couple of people to test we could probably do a group buy.


Hey all, I’m new to the forum and I need to post a question that I have about a VESC that I’m having a problem with. However, when I try to create a new post it doesn’t look like I have the privileges needed to create a post.

Do I need to be a member for a set amount of time before I can post a new topic?


I have gen 1 boosted board that needs a new battery but Boosted company says it will cost 400.00-500.00 USD to fix. Is it possible to put a gen 2 battery in if I mod the connection? Please email me back at jasonapotts@gmail



Just get a used gen1 battery and you good to go.
You can get them on eBay for cheap for sure


I made this for the lols , but I think it mgkt help diagram


Does anyone recognize this input? Where would I be able to buy a wire to connect this to my loop?


hopefully this video can help anyone, i am also a beginer but think it may help


I have a question, so my board could reach top speed when I had 83 mm wheels but now that I put 110 mm wheels on it, it runs out of juice so quick but then 20 mins later can do the same thing. Is there anyway I can fix this discharge problem maybe add another battery?


This has made me buy a helmet right now


Hey do you think you could look over my design and give me some feed back on if it’ll work or what i can do to make it better ?

2x 6374 190 kv sensored hobby sky motors 2x VESC 4.12 4x 5000mAh lipo batteries 11.1v 3s1p


preface, i don’t use lipos.

you’re going after 12s right? if so, the way you have the batteries diagramed works out to a 6s2p. if you’re going for 12s, should be like this:

also, the power connection to the two vescs are in serial. you want that in parallel:


do you think i would be able to use this for connecting my batteries in series ?



to be honest, i don’t really understand this diagram. and i don’t want to give you bad information. like i said, i don’t use lipos.

maybe someone else can jump in here.


you know of anyone else i might be able to talk to?


To connect in series put the + of one battery with the - of the other battery. This adds the voltage.

To connect in parallel put the + of one battery with the + of the other (and vice versa). This adds the capacities.


looks good for 4 pacs in serie


Here’s my battery guide I m guessing this is the best place to post it please subscribe to help me meet my college target