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[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8


Awesome guide. Thanks!


ayyy i havent been on the forum in a quick min but my cad motor mount is in this post next to the enertion one lol. (that cad is bad dont look at it) i have new cad for mounts i might post but with the hobby king mount idk if anyone will even use it


Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. Is there anyone from Charlotte, NC who has done this ?


Thank you for this post!
Very informative and has made me aware of the electric skateboard tech used here.


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Thanks just see that in another search i did - thanks for the heads up!


If its a simple question post it here


yeah, dont fuck around with batteries




Hi There , Im starting to get my parts together for my first E Mountain Board.

Due research about my motor speed controller ESC or VESC I would like to add a note to the Beginners guide :slight_smile:
The ESC or VESC need to be set up with the right settings according to your Motor, Batterie and so on. This requires a Computer with software.
NOT all software is supported by Windows and Mac/IOS !
I found only one speed controller that supports software for IOS ( FOCBOX)
Anybody knows a decent speed controller with software for IOS?


Great post, thanks for taking the time. :ok_hand:


This is wrong, kinda. so long as the vesc has a usable uart port, then a BT module can be used to connect to an ios application (Metr, xmatic, etc) meant for esc’s (so long as that app is configured to play nice with whatever firmware you got). But thats not limited to just vesc’s

Hobbywings esc’s have their own esc with application interaction.


Project wowgo upgrade! |Stock wowgo | Paris v2 | Wowgo hub motors |6.4 Panasonic(I think)| Stock ESC

So I have been looking a lot into upgrading my wowgo2s. It is a great eskate but I want something with a bit more torque and hill climbing ability. I am going to be doing this all in little pieces. I was looking at getting a focbox unity right now and later switch to a belt drive system. Any thoughts? Would the focbox unity work with my stock set up and remote? Is there an esc that is better out there?


Thanks, very useful!:grinning:


OMG! 1 hour? If I were a beginner I’d kill myself.

Setting up a vesc should take more than 5 minutes.


This one is just perfect:


:point_up:t4: What he said
This video is great in explaining how to use the vesc tool for beginners.


How do I get these


Use the search function here or google :wink:


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