[WIKI] A beginner guide to DIY an ESK8

If I have 3 4s batteries already in series, how do I add another one but in parallel, is there a diagram or any reference to understand how I wire that?

You can’t add just one. You would have to add another three 4s batteries.

Say the batteries are 5000mAh. If you have three of them in series, that’s three 5000mAh batteries. If you add another 5000mAh pack in parallel with one of the existing 5000mAh packs, you now have two 5000mAh packs and the equivalent of a 10000mAh pack. That will work (in that it won’t immediately blow up), but as soon as you start using it, the 5000mAh pack voltages will drop much faster than the 10000mAh pack voltage and you’ll end up with a severe voltage difference. This might simply kill the batteries or it might make them catch fire. Either way it’s not something you want to do.

Ok I get it thank you very much

Ok one more question so how can I tell me motor is the one with the problem bc I sent way to much current through it about 82 amps and max is like 70 whoops (6374 190kv) but could it be the vesc that’s the problem?

How long did this current flow?

If anyone knows is the reverse torque motor mount meant for a motor not mount on the inside but on the outside (reverse) so the back? And can you use a regular one that’s meant for the normal way?

I’m from SG, and was thinking of building an eSk8. Wonder roughly the costing for a beginner? I know this sounds very vague, but if you could provide some information, i’ll be thrilled!

@Linny tagging you in

Good decision of choosing to build one! First is to decide if you want a single or dual drive motor build. If you are 70kg and below, a single drive is good for a first build. It’s also cheaper than a dual since you need double motors, mounts, VESCs. If budget is not a problem, i’d recommend a dual drive. A mid range quality single drive build can cost just over $1k SGD, and about 1.5k for a dual.

Ah, i’m at 60kg, so a single or dual doesn’t matter in my case, i guess. For budget, i do have some spare cash that i meant to build one, but sadly, it’s around 700. I guess i’ll pop back in when i saved up enough. That being said, thanks @nuttyjeff and @Linny!

Thanks so much for this guide. So excited to start my new build :smiley:

Thanks again

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Can please give me the informations about wires Ie, Ha,Hb,Hc and A,B,C

Hi Guys, I am convincing a older relative who is very smart at technology and all stuff to do with voltages and making stuff to help me make and assemble a diy board. he wants some articles and links for reading and i have given him some. i need more please aha! any articles that give insight into esk8 (he wants lots of reading). I need to convince him of why i need more than 20kmh as well aha. If any of you could write a paragraph and link some articles i will love you forever! Thankyou

You have 25m read time on the forum.

Why not try reading some more? Maybe then you will find the articles and information yourself.


use 18650 batteries or other lipo batteries?

Great thread. I will take my time and go over this!!!

Thanks for this. A great start to understand what I’ve got.

Hello everyone, Well I’m not sure how many people take the time to screw up a wiki page on purpose. Honestly it doesn’t matter what forum https://youporn.wiki/ you go on you’re going to get the same “dumb” questions over and over https://xhamster.vip/ even if search was used. Sure it’s a pain sometimes but this sport is changing fast. What was the new hotness a few months ago might be old and busted by the time a new member searches(or doesn’t) something.

Nice article! I am considering building an esk8 this summer and this forum is a lifesaver! This is my first post, so please be patient with me! Just a quick question, what material should the motor mount and pulleys be made out of? I have seen aluminum, carbon fiber, and even 3D printed versions. Also, does the strength and hardness of the pulleys affect their ability to perform optimally? For example, a 3D printed pulley versus an aluminum one. Thanks guys! :grinning:

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3d printing a mount is a bad idea :slight_smile: For pulleys it’s possible but alu is more durable :slight_smile:

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