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What’s up w the new maytech 6 and cool remote


We are a distributor and get a small amount for testing at bulk prices.
because we just don’t have the time to test everything it makes sense to turn it over to those who will be using it for testing.


ill put you down


The case for Maytech 6


What kinda information do we have on these?


let me see what print info,
I’m waiting on hard info from Eileen, she did say they would be ready this week



Even I can understand that info.


Hope the over all length is 108mm like in the drawing and not 180mm like in the description :pray:
Also the hight not fit together?
It’s 18mm without heatsink, or how they come to it?


I’m sure it’s a typo.
Im going to have a couple sent with the remotes and 6880 motors


Waiting for updates :cowboy_hat_face:
They would be perfect for my 8085 motors if they hold up to the specs :ok_hand:


27mm deep? I wonder how much space will be needed after connectors.


I think they only good when top mounted.
27mm is just too high and the position of nullet connectors make it not better.


I know they will be ready for shipping Saturday but so far no one has bought any and I won’t have any to test until the 6880 motors ship around New Years.
I will have the possibility of more sample priced units. Because it’s a new item I can get one small order at bulk prices for testing, etc.
anyone interested?
I can check on a price


Sure i‘m Interested :sweat_smile::+1:
Depending on the price and shipping oportunity to Russia for sure… :unamused:


I’m keen but with postage to Australia.


I’m interested in the remote if that’s what we’re talking about.


When will the test results? very interested 12s FOC


you mean the maytech 6 200A ?
Test units will be sent out soon. No tests done yet as far as I know about as min.


Yeas) I mean 200A Maytech) I want that)