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What’s up w the new maytech 6 and cool remote




I love mine.




Couldnt have picked a shittier picture



Don’t take offence Cory! No one is questioning your integrity and hummie is a couple of carrot slices short of a salad most days :grinning:

You’re both valued


I was pressed for time


None taken.
We just want to try and help where we can. without out you, no me…


I will have a few available, MTSVESC6.0
And it does look solid.


I can imagine.
The specs read good, but i would like to see a review from sombody who tested them as min a bit.
that´s why i ask.


From all I can see it’s based off of the split pcb design of the 100a. Separate high / low voltage with soft switch.
Max 200a
Burst 280a
And that’s single


And if it’s anything like the 100a it should be solid.


I jumped without thinking about the costs and even thought it was 125 not 129. But you sell it at a gb price vs stores! I assumed not by excluding all math. Damn it was gunna be cheaper. Anything new n shiny like that I want one. @hyperIon1 hope u get the people. Maybe I’ll join


We will see after the guys have had a chance to test them.


haha I love this, thank you. Shall now steal it from you.


I didn’t see any of the thread on the remote does anyone have one. I’m so hoping it will be good. Hoping (there’s no imoji). I’ve been repeatedly let down n back to old mini trigger. How bout some break tests! Not brakes. I always end up launching it, or better using it as a slam/slider. Hate to break it. Love :heart:️ to sink it with resin all around the electrons. Surely some resin or just a couple coats or maybe be fixable

Or the esc? Nice to see another esc.


How many erpm it can handle also


The only thread is the one linked originally. It seems the plan it for a select people to test them:

And then if the remotes check out the group buy will go through, which i think is the best way for Maytech since I do not trust their remotes at all.


@Hummie you can take my spot on the testing list if you’d like. I just took on a huge project at school and i don’t think I will have time to test the remote throughly. I want the community to get the best feedback. I just won’t have time. The price is $138 shipped. Just let @hyperIon1 know


I’ll take ur spot! @hyperIon1. But how it that price possible I don’t know. Come w the wireless charger?