What helmet you rockin?

It’s extremely comfortable and fits my head perfect. But comfort depends on your head size and shape so it’s not for everyone but if it fits you right it’s the best helmet.

good to know, i light really light stuff, i hated my motorcycle helmet weight i would often get a headache wearing it 2 long :neutral_face:

Yea I know what you mean I used to get that when I used to go race my car on track day I’d get a massive head ache with the snug heavy helmet and really loud cars lol.

Never had that problem with the TSG it feels light but it can be hot in the helmet if you are stopped and not moving.

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I kick pushed my dead Raptor 1 home when my DRV blew up with all my gear and helmet in 90f heat, I had to wear the helmet because I couldn’t hold it in my hand with all my other gear and kick push that day I almost got heat stroke not funny.


would love to see that!

Is that the dual 6374 one? When my Carvon Raptor battery died I kicked it about 2 blocks, made me appreciate the direct drive/hub so much, only problem was that it was pretty high off the ground.

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for < 15 MPH Ruroc RG-1 with DX Shockwave audio is my preference for exploring cities. The speaker sits in the back of the helmet leaving your ears mission-capable.

for 16-25 MPH: TSG Pass Carbon. I’d never heard of this helmet until finding this forum; it’s good, not great. I think it’s the perfect Boosted Board helmet.

for > 25 MPH: Shoei X-SPIRIT 3 Assail, my fave. Vents in all the right places and it’s much quieter than both the above at speed (Shoei FTW @ ~130 MPH via GSX-R750).

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I assume I could use regular 3m car tint, this tint is made to be put on from the inside and the visor is quite small so I wouldn’t need much and should be easy.

It was dual 6355 at the time completely stock. My Raptor 2 rolls almost as well as a normal board I’ve kick pushed it down my block for fun and it felt great under manual power.

That was originally what I wanted, But even the Ruroc XL was was too small for my fat head, where as the TSG fits very well.

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what’s that helmet

Ugly af, make sure to bail my board every now and then to ensure I keep wearing it :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone has a different opinion of what looks good/bad. For me the traditional skate helmets are okay. The folding helmets are really ugly. I wanted one just to have in my bag at all times, but just couldn’t do it.


We’re the same! I had to have this one fitted with a heat gun ha

after buying the tsg superlight hope its not as bulky/ugly as the poc crane plus if it is ill just send it back for the poc crane as it has better protection than both

XL Fits snug. Almost perfect and i wear 7 1/2 in hat size. TSG Pass pro the view angle on these helmets are amazing.


I wear 7 1/2 fitted caps as well and that’s slightly loose. The TSG XL is really hard to put on. So I use it without the cheek pads which makes it slide on and off smoothly. Eventually I’ll get to removing the foam from those pads.

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I guess for me the only thing I dislike about my Carbon TSG Pass compared to my half shell is I can not hear the traffic as well :frowning:

In winter/rain it is awesome :heart_eyes:

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Acid Yellow Pass with rechargeable running light. Sugru magnet attachment.


I like the gloss school bus yellow. Lol it’s nice and very visible. I like my Matte red helmet but it scratches too easily compared to gloss.


platsi dipped my Sector 9 Predator DH6


That the exact reason I got the Gold/Dorado

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